Dune Buggy Archives!

by Wes Kibble on May 10, 2009


Dune Buggy Archives has to be one of the neatest dune buggy sites around! They have all kinds of information about all kit buggies, from the famous Meyers Manx to the more uncommon Sears Rascal pictured below. If you need information on any kit buggy, chances are that the guys in the very informative forum over at Dune Buggy Archives can help you out!


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Jonathan November 9, 2012 at 10:58 am

I agree it is a really good resource for identifying weird and wonderful buggy kits, but unfortunately it seems to focus predominantly on american models and it also feels a bit dated. You should check out http://www.beachbuggyclub.com for a comprehensive guide of buggy models from all over the world.


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