Terminator Ford Pull Truck

by Wes Kibble on June 2, 2009

The “Terminator” was a 60’s Ford pulling truck that was used in the 1980’s and then retired in 1991 when the truck and tractor pull craze died down. The truck was built by Go Fast Engineering . Hopefully they can send us some more photos. What a great looking truck!

The Terminator was built in 1981, it started as our service truck. When truck pulling became popular we modified it to become a full time puller. We built a 500 cid motor and changed the suspension. We pulled with USHRA and USA and traveled across the country, pulling in civic centers, fairgrounds and football arenas, including the Superdome in New Orleans. We never made alot of money but we made alot of friends. We retired the Terminator in 1991.

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