70’s Desert Racing Bronco Photos

by Wes Kibble on August 15, 2009


Here is a set of 70’s photos about a desert racing bronco that has had a run of bad luck.

“Johnnie Crean’s Bronco during a race at Borrego (Ocotillo Wells) was disabled with a broken rear differential. I removed the rear driveshaft and was trying to deflate the front tires for more traction to climb to checkpoint 7 so he could continue the race. The tires were Goodyear racing type with inner liners to run flat and Johnny didn’t know how to let air out of the outer tire so I tried backing it up to the checkpoint for him but no luck. He gave us the driveshaft since we needed a new one for our ’66 Bronco. “>

“Our ’66 Bronco with Crean’s race Bronce after he was disabled during an Ocotillo Wells race before checkpoint 7. Note the custom paint I put on our welded/banded wheels with Goodyear implement tires. Couldn’t afford nice styled wheels so I did this like some drag cars had and it got a lot of attention from off-roaders as well as on the street. ”

“Removing the rear driveshaft from Crean’s Bronco at Ocotillo Wells race.

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