Limited Updates For A While

by Wes Kibble on May 18, 2010

You may have noticed that there has been a limited amount of updates over the last week or so. This is because I have moved from Toronto to the interior of British Columbia. While I get settled in over the next few months, I will be staying at my parents place in “the middle of nowhere” as well as a friends in Kamloops. My parents place has dialup internet where I tie up their phone line and there is no cell phone coverage. This means that there may not be the daily updates that you have come to expect. What normally takes a few hours each day now takes double that starting at 4am so I do not tie up their phone line. Having said that, the paying work comes first, and my websites second. Personally, I think this is my parents way of making sure that I get fustrated and leave sooner than later….:)

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