1958 IKA Jeep JA-3AB For Sale In Argentina

by Wes Kibble on July 22, 2010

jeep, jeep for sale, jeep argentina

This Jeep JA-3AB for sale on Ebay is totally different than what I am used to seeing! If not for the $15,000 price tag and the cost of shipping from Argentina, I would consider buying it. It is just so different! It is obviously patterned after the Jeep CJ-5, but I have never seen some of the wierd things like the steps. I love the pop out windshield, though! Have you ever seen a Jeep like this? Do you have any more information? Via

jeep for sale

jeep for sale, jeep argentina

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Richard Wilder October 19, 2012 at 10:24 am

Hi, we have a lot of this in Chile too. They cost no more of Usd $1000 jaja and no body want to have one, because they aren´t 4×4. Greets


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