70’s Pacific Northwest 4×4 Rally Memories

by Wes Kibble on September 9, 2010

Dave from Ewillys.com always has some great articles, but he has outdone himself with his new article about Pacific Northwest off road races and playdays from the 70’s really hit home for me. I grew up attending the same events in British Columbia and Washington with my family in the 70’s and early 80’s. Of course, the obstacle course and sand drags were popular, but some of the most loved events were things like the potato stab, blindfold driver race, and the backwards race. One of my favourite stories is when my parents were at a playday Calgary, Alberta. One of the events was where the co-driver would hold a bowl full of water while the driver tried to navigate the off road course as fast as possible. The team with the most amount of water left in the bowl was the winner. My parents were making great time until they came to a rough section. For some reason, my Dad forgot to lock in the hubs and they were stuck with only the rear tires spinning. My mother proceeded to dump the bowl of water on over my Dad’s head. Of course, the local city news was there to capture the moment and it was blasted over the local news for a few days. Do they still hold events like this in your area? What were some of your favourite events?

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