Vintage Ed Bray Desert Race Jeep Photos!

by Wes Kibble on December 14, 2010

Lately, we have featured some posts with lots of vintage off road desert race Jeep photos. There has been lots of discussion about Ray Russell in this article, this one and this article, along with some photos that Kevin Vaughan sent of the desert race Jeep CJ-5 that his uncle used to race in the 70’s. Ed Bray from Tacoma, Wa loved the vintage desert racing photos and sent us some photos of the Jeeps that he used to race. The Willys is at Riverside and the Mint 400 in 1978, which the CJ-7 was at the 1982 Baja 1000. We love the photos Ed! Do you have old off road racing photos that you would like contribute? Contact us!

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