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by Wes Kibble on April 30, 2012

bigfoot monster truck, bigfoot, monster truck, ford monster

It is not too often that you see Bigfoot 1 with the 10 foot tall tires. The photo is tagged Bigfoot 7, which must be the monster truck trying to climb it. I kind of lost count of the Bigfoot monster trucks after the first three or four. Via Monster Mayhem.

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Dave September 7, 2012 at 10:35 am

I’m sure there have been other comments on this, but… The Bigfoots are almost impossible to track which one is which because they were almost all re-bodied at some point. I think you’re right about #1. Bob Chandler found the 10′ tires and adapted them to put a rest to the ‘Who’s biggest?’ arguments. Eventually, #5 was built specifically for the 10′ tires and sat more on top of them. #7 was converted to look the same as 5 later in it’s life.
Pretty sure the ‘small’ one is #3 with it’s first body. Although it usually had polished aluminum wheels or the duals all around. You can see the little ‘III’ after BIGFOOT on the door. The fenderwells are a good way to distinguish them sometimes.
Cool pics!


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