Restoration of the Race Jeepster

by Curtis Guise on March 19, 2014

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Sandy Cone at the Parker 425 race in February.  I had heard that Sandy, Ken Lutzow and John Ulfeldt were restoring the “Race Jeepster” that they raced back in the early 70’s and Sandy told me about the website they have with info and photos about the restoration.

Sandy and Ken were able to get the original molds that were made for the body and bought the Jeepster back from the Overall family in Oregon a couple years ago.  Their goal is to restore it to the exact way it was when they originally built and raced it in the early 70’s. Here are just a few of the photos. Visit their site to learn more about the Race Jeepster history as well as history about Sandy, John and Ken. Click here.




A photo of how the Race Jeepster looked when they bought it back a couple of years ago.


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