Steyr 680M Motorhome Conversion

by Curtis Guise on October 20, 2014

Astrid Eisheuer and Sven Gruse just sent us a photo of their Steyr 680 German military vehicle that they converted into a motorhome for their planned trip around the world.  They started the trip earlier this year and it looks like their latest update on their site was from Chengdu China.  You can see more photos of the Steyr 680 and of their travels on their site here.

The Steyr 680 was used in the Austrian Army for material and passenger transport from the 1960’s until about 2007 when they started being replaced by Unimog’s.  They are powered by a 120hp diesel engine and later models were turbocharged making 170hp.  There were several different versions totaling 3700 of them used in the Austrian Army.






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