Ram-Stein – Mark Newhan’s Dodge Ramcharger Prerunner

by Curtis Guise on July 27, 2015


Walker Evans built many Dodge race trucks and prerunners over the years including this Dodge Ramcharger prerunner that my friend Mark Newhan got his hands on a couple years ago.  This Ramcharger has quite the history. It was built in the 80’s at Walker’s shop, then sold to Gus Vildosola who then sold it to Frank “Scoop” Vessels.  Frank had it restored and after using it for many years he sold it to Mark’s friend Kevin.  Mark built a 4-link rear suspension and a-arm upgrade for Kevin and they also put a fuel injected Mopar 408 in it.  Later Kevin sold it to Rory Ward of Racers Only Motorsports Designs.  Then Mark ended up with it after a trade with Rory.


Once Mark got the Ramcharger he used it to prerun the Baja 1000. Mark likes to drive fast and instantly wanted to rebuild it after taking it to Baja.  The 2.5″ shocks, wheelbase and 35″ tires weren’t cutting it.  Mark tore into the project but also had his long time friend Victor Doktor work on the Ramcharger for several months because he was busy prepping Steve Olliges’ race trucks.

These first five pictures are how it sits today.  It’s almost finished and I will be shooting an extensive feature including photos and videos of the completed project.  For now you can see the build photos from the last two years to hold you over…
mark_newhan_dodge_ramcharger_4 mark_newhan_dodge_ramcharger_5 mark_newhan_dodge_ramcharger_6

How the Dodge Ramcharger looked when Mark picked it up.

How the Dodge Ramcharger looked when Mark picked it up.

Build photos from the last 2 years:

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Jaime September 25, 2016 at 8:53 pm

What did those front fenders come off of? Really interested to know.


Curtis Guise October 13, 2016 at 9:51 am

Mark Newhan had those fiberglass fenders lengthened. He said you might be able to find stock length ones from someone like Glassworks in SoCal.


Anthony Ault February 25, 2017 at 11:00 am

did they fab the rear fenders or use the bed sides for the truck and modify those to fit the ramchager?


Curtis Guise February 27, 2017 at 10:56 am

Mark said that Glen Greer owns the molds for the rears. He is a desert racer based out of Arizona.


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