1965 Ford F250 Step-Side 4×4

by Curtis Guise on August 6, 2015

This 1965 Ford F250 Stepside 4×4 is currently for sale at Worldwide Vintage Autos for $18k.  It is said to be in original condition but people posting comments on the BAT site where I found this truck are saying this bed is from a later model truck.  Regardless I think it looks great and would be fun to drive (not so sure about the $18k price tag though).  This truck has a 4-speed manual transmission behind a 352 CI V8 and comes with binders full of service records.  See allot more photos at the Worldwide Vintage Autos website.

1965_for_f250_step-side_4x4_01 1965_for_f250_step-side_4x4_02 1965_for_f250_step-side_4x4_03 1965_for_f250_step-side_4x4_04 1965_for_f250_step-side_4x4_05 1965_for_f250_step-side_4x4_06 1965_for_f250_step-side_4x4_07 1965_for_f250_step-side_4x4_08 1965_for_f250_step-side_4x4_09 1965_for_f250_step-side_4x4_10 1965_for_f250_step-side_4x4_11

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