Headquake’s 1967 Fargo W200

by Curtis Guise on September 30, 2015

The Fargo Motor Company first built Fargo trucks from 1913 to 1922.  In 1928 Chrysler bought Fargo creating their own line of trucks and shortly after bought the Dodge Brothers Company.  From then on Fargo trucks were almost identical to Dodge models except for the trim and name.  U.S. sales were discontinued in the 1930’s but continued in Canada until 1972 and longer in other countries.  Today Turkish manufacturer Askam still produces Fargo and DeSoto trucks in Turkey.

Headquake created this 1967 Fargo RC truck.  Check out the photos and videos below and be sure to see other Headquake RC features here.

1967_fargo_w200_headquake_off_road_action_1 1967_fargo_w200_headquake_off_road_action_2


1967_fargo_w200_headquake_off_road_action_3 1967_fargo_w200_headquake_off_road_action_6

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