Chicago Auto Show – 1960’s

by Curtis Guise on October 19, 2015

Continuing our feature on the largest auto show in North America, the photos below are from the 1960’s.  Visit the Chicago Auto Show website to see more photos.

1960 Jeep Exhibit:


1961 Jeep Exhibit:1961_Chicago_Auto_Show_Jeep_Exhibit 1961_Chicago_Auto_Show_Jeep 1961_Chicago_Auto_Show_Mighty-Mite 1962 Scout Exhibit:1962_Chicago_Auto_Show_IH_Scout 1963 Dodge Exhibit:1963_Chicago_Auto_Show_Dodge_Fire-Truck 1963 Ford Exhibit:1963_Chicago_Auto_Show_Ford_Trucks 1965 Ford Exhibit:1965_Chicago-Auto-Show_Ford_Trucks 1966 Chevy Exhibit:1966_Chicago_Auto_Show_chevy 1969 Chevy Exhibit:1969_Chicago_Auto_Show_chevy_suburban 1969 Jeep Exhibit:1969_Chicago_Auto_Show_Jeep_OnRock

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