1990 Double Cab Unimog

by Curtis Guise on April 11, 2016

I recently met Eric Lint while searching for parts for my FJ55 Land Cruiser project on ih8mud.com.  When I met with Eric today he was driving his 1990 double cab Unimog and he let me shoot a few photos and gave me some info about it.

This Unimog is a civilian model which is 12v. Most are built for the military and are 24v.  Most are custom built to order and have many agricultural options that require all sorts of hydraulics.  Many are fire trucks as well as drillers and used in forestry dragging logs to mill.  This truck has a straight 6 turbo charged diesel known as the OM366A.  Some come with intercoolers and are “turned up” to about 245 HP.  This one is about 150 HP and runs “fast axels” and overdrive. It has 16 forward gears and 8 reverse. The disc brakes are air over hydralic with dual front caliper and singles in the rear. Eric built the davit on the bed to manage the spare as well as other stuff up and down. The bed is set on pivots and can be set up to 3 way tip for dumping loads.

1990-unimog_off-road-action-01 1990-unimog_off-road-action-02 1990-unimog_off-road-action-03 1990-unimog_off-road-action-04 1990-unimog_off-road-action-05 1990-unimog_off-road-action-06 1990-unimog_off-road-action-07 1990-unimog_off-road-action-08 1990-unimog_off-road-action-09

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