Terrible Herbst Truggy Tribute Video

by Curtis Guise on April 26, 2016

Terrible Herbst Truggy - Land Shark

The Terrible Herbst Truggy (also known as the Land Shark) is one of the most iconic vehicles in desert racing history.  Sadly during the NORRA Mexican 1000 today the Truggy caught on fire.  The muffler broke and caught the carbon fiber panels on fire.  Fortunately everyone was ok and the car doesn’t look like it’s a total loss.  The Herbst posted on Instagram that it will be back better than ever and I hope that happens.


A few years ago I interviewed Troy Herbst and Larry Roeseler for a Truggy tribute video that I wanted to put together for my Dezert People Video Series.  In 2013 I put a short version in Dezert People 10 and an extended version in the extras.  It was a fun project searching through the Dezert People archives for all of the race footage we have from the last 17-18 years.  It was great hearing all the stories from Troy and Larry, and now it’s on YouTube for you to enjoy.

terrible-herbst-truggy-land-shark-tribute-2 terrible-herbst-truggy-land-shark-tribute-3

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Peter Brock April 27, 2016 at 8:49 am

The Herbst Landshark is an icon of the SCORE era because it represents the spirit of innovation that makes desert racing such a great sport. Open rules for the fast guys challenge the imagination to build the best. Thanks Troy, Mike and Larry and all the guys that made it possible. Peter Brock


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