2016 Pistons, Pinups and Beer

by Curtis Guise on July 18, 2016

Pistons, Pinups and Beer

The “Pistons, Pinups and Beer” cruise and car show took place Saturday July 9th, 2016.  It was hosted by Pinup Culture, Legacy Brewing Co. and sponsored by Toyota of Escondido and The Action Sports Show.  Almost 100 classics (and a Bronco & willys) met up at Pinup Culture in Escondido Saturday morning for breakfast and to get ready for the cruise to Legacy Brewing in Oceanside. By noon cars started to show up at Legacy and quickly filled the front and back parking lots.

I usually find more vintage off road vehicles to shoot at car shows but regardless it was a great event with hundreds of people hanging out listening to bands and drinking great beer.  There was no shortage of rat rods, classics and hot rods to check out and add to the wish list.  My wife and I had our beach cruisers pinstriped by Galvez Pinstriping Garage at the event.  And Pinup Culture brought their barber for anyone that needed a trim.  I can’t wait until the next show!

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