The Aspen Project – FJ Company FJ43 Feature

by Curtis Guise on November 8, 2016


The FJ Company made it’s debut at the SEMA show in Las Vegas this year, and they brought a very special build with them: a custom FJ43 Land Cruiser referred to as “The Aspen Project”.  The build is one part classic Land Cruiser, one part modified monster — a careful balancing act — one they DID NOT take lightly.

It was commissioned to be a purpose-built, family-friendly beast that could take on the rigors of everyday highway driving as well as the back-country near Aspen, Colorado. Did they deliver? We’ll let you be the judge.

(photos by The FJ Company)

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A Return to Glory

Like all The FJ Company builds, this one began with a full frame-off restoration. During the restoration process, they made a few “basic” updates to the power steering, front disc brakes, heating and A/C. But that’s where the “basic” part of this story ends — and the fun begins!

A Powertrain Power Play

The party really began when they replaced the original engine components with a much more capable, modern powertrain. Look under the hood of this FJ43, and you’ll find a 210-horsepower Toyota 1FZ engine (a 4.5L DOHC 24-valve inline 6 with Haltech Electronic Fuel Injection and a 5-speed manual transmission. Put that all together and you get the kind of power that inspires confidence — on the highway and the trail.

thefjcompany_1982_fj43_sema_studio_45 thefjcompany_1982_fj43_sema_studio_46

Equipped for the Trail

The Toyota FJ43 Land Cruiser is already a design legend. Those bold fenders! That classic headlight bezel! …all signs of an icon. This build keeps its classic good looks intact and makes a few tasteful updates — like a fresh coat of matte white paint to the exterior which is offset by matte silver accents and Toyota OEM wheels in gunmetal gray. You’ll also find plenty of trail-ready parts and accessories — like a Warn 8274 winch mounted to the original front bumper along with a pair of PIAA 7″ LED fog lights. And a custom roll cage was installed to ensure every joyride ends the way it begins — safely.

thefjcompany_1982_fj43_sema_studio_07 thefjcompany_1982_fj43_sema_studio_11 thefjcompany_1982_fj43_sema_studio_15 thefjcompany_1982_fj43_sema_studio_16 thefjcompany_1982_fj43_sema_studio_17 thefjcompany_1982_fj43_sema_studio_20 thefjcompany_1982_fj43_sema_studio_22 thefjcompany_1982_fj43_sema_studio_24 thefjcompany_1982_fj43_sema_studio_25

Inner Toughness

The cabin of this FJ43 has been fortified with super-tough materials. The Recaro SPEED seats are trimmed in marine-grade upholstery, to match the door panels and fold-down rear seats. They also added a coat of Rhino Linings® bedliner to prevent scuff marks and rusting. Now, this all-weather, all-terrain 4×4 is ready for just about anything.

Modern Refinement

The FJ Company takes pride in building modern versions of the classic Land Cruiser – and this build really showcases that capability. They’ve added just enough bells and whistles to satisfy the demands of today’s driver — a digital instrument cluster that provides information at-a-glance, modern LED interior lighting, and a premium sound system with integrated Bluetooth®, just to name a few.

thefjcompany_1982_fj43_sema_studio_28 thefjcompany_1982_fj43_sema_studio_29 thefjcompany_1982_fj43_sema_studio_30 thefjcompany_1982_fj43_sema_studio_32 thefjcompany_1982_fj43_sema_studio_35 thefjcompany_1982_fj43_sema_studio_36 thefjcompany_1982_fj43_sema_studio_37 thefjcompany_1982_fj43_sema_studio_38 thefjcompany_1982_fj43_sema_studio_41 thefjcompany_1982_fj43_sema_studio_43


  • 1982 Toyota FJ43 Land Cruiser
  • Full, frame-off restoration by The FJ Company
  • Toyota 1FZ Engine – 4.5L DOHC 24 valve inline 6
  • Haltech EFI
  • FJ80 Toyota 5-speed transmission
  • Vintage Air A/C
  • Power steering
  • Front disc brakes
  • Custom soft top
  • Custom roll cage
  • Recaro SPEED seats
  • Old Man Emu suspension
  • WARN 8274 winch
  • ARB air lockers – front and rear
  • PIAA fog lights
  • PIAA utility light
  • Rear back-up camera
  • Premium sound system
  • Custom dash and switches

thefjcompany_1982_fj43_sema_xoutdoor_01 thefjcompany_1982_fj43_sema_xoutdoor_02 thefjcompany_1982_fj43_sema_xoutdoor_03 thefjcompany_1982_fj43_sema_xoutdoor_04

About The FJ Company

Rough and tough, yet classic and cool, the Toyota Land Cruiser holds a very special place in the heart of auto enthusiasts across the world. At The FJ Company, we share that enthusiasm and love of these iconic vehicles. We dedicate ourselves solely to performing full, frame-off restorations of the classic Japanese Toyota FJ20, FJ40, and FJ60 series Land Cruisers – creating modern versions of this classic ride for today’s driver.

Whether you select from one of our available packages, or want to work with us to build your own custom rig, we are here to help you experience the joy of driving an authentic Land Cruiser. Learn more at

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