1940 Willys Quad

by Curtis Guise on December 6, 2016


Photo of Willys Quad Jeep, delivered to the Army 13 November 1940. The bumper markings are “USA QMC” on the left and “1/4 4X4 QUAD” on the right.

In 1940 Willys built two Quads in attempt to win the contract with the US military.  Although it won the contract they had to shed some weight to meet the Army’s demands and ended up ounces inside the 2,160 pound limit.  Both Quads disappeared but one lasted long enough to be photographed in the 1950’s.

Click here for more info, photos and a video of the Willys Quad that was posted in 2010.


A Willys Quad prototype jeep climbs the U.S. Capitol steps in Washington, DC, February 1941. Photo: Washington Daily News article “Jeep Creeps Up Capitol Steps”.


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