The Mojave Trail

by Curtis Guise on January 1, 2017


If you live in southern California the Mojave Trail should definitely be added to your to-do list.  I have only done it twice driving from an exit off of Hwy 15 north-east of Barstow and took the trail to Laughlin NV.  Both were day trips and a great time, but I would like to spend a few days out there exploring and camping.  There are so many trails and landmarks to explore.


There is a great website with allot of info, maps and GPS files if you ever plan on making the trip.  These photos are from a few weeks ago when a few friends and I took the trail on our way to the SNORE Rage at the River desert race.  And from a trip a couple years ago that I took with the Total Chaos Fabrication crew.


mojave-trail-off-road-action-01_06 mojave-trail-off-road-action-01_07 mojave-trail-off-road-action-01_08 mojave-trail-off-road-action-01_09 mojave-trail-off-road-action-01_10 mojave-trail-off-road-action-01_11 mojave-trail-off-road-action-01_12

mojave-trail-off-road-action-01_13 mojave-trail-off-road-action-01_14 mojave-trail-off-road-action-01_15 mojave-trail-off-road-action-01_16 mojave-trail-off-road-action-01_17 mojave-trail-off-road-action-01_18 mojave-trail-off-road-action-01_19 mojave-trail-off-road-action-01_20 mojave-trail-off-road-action-01_21 mojave-trail-off-road-action-01_22 mojave-trail-off-road-action-01_23 mojave-trail-off-road-action-01_24 mojave-trail-off-road-action-01_25 mojave-trail-off-road-action-01_26

mojave-trail-off-road-action-01_27 mojave-trail-off-road-action-01_28 mojave-trail-off-road-action-01_29 mojave-trail-off-road-action-01_30 mojave-trail-off-road-action-01_31 mojave-trail-off-road-action-01_32 mojave-trail-off-road-action-01_33 mojave-trail-off-road-action-01_34 mojave-trail-off-road-action-01_35 mojave-trail-off-road-action-01_36 mojave-trail-off-road-action-01_37 mojave-trail-off-road-action-01_38 mojave-trail-off-road-action-01_39 mojave-trail-off-road-action-01_40 mojave-trail-off-road-action-01_41

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