1960 Willys Wagon Stretched 4-Door

by Curtis Guise on January 19, 2018

This custom one-off 1960 Willys Wagon was a special order for Henry J. Kaiser, owner of Kaiser and Willys-Overland. It was built for Henry when he retired to Hawaii and became involved in tourism and land development and he used it for exploring the island. As you can see by the interior of the tailgate it was once painted pink. His wife loved pink and all of his construction equipment was painted pink as well as this Willys. It is currently at $5200 on eBay as of posting this with 4 days left to bid.

There have been other 4-door Willys Wagon’s produced but not stretched like this one. See Wes’ post about the Mitsubishi built Willys Wagon’s here.

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