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1969 4×4 Rally Photos From Kamloops British Columbia

I came across these photos and newspaper clippings in one of my parents photo…

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Photos From 1972 British Columbia Off Road Rally

I have been going through some of my parents and grand parents photo…

Great Weekend of Celebration for 60th Jeepers Jamboree

GEORGETOWN, CA AUGUST 2, 2012 – The 60th Jeepers Jamboree celebration July 26-30, 2012 on the Rubicon Springs had many high points throughout all five days on the historic trail. The Movies on the Grass, Historical talks, Diamond in the Rough wine tasting supporting the Rubicon Trail Foundation, Raffle, Vendor Show and a Flatfender Show’N’Shine […]

The Resurrection of Flat Fender Jeeps at the 60th Annual Jeepers Jamboree

GEORGETOWN, CA JULY 15, 2012 – The 60th Annual Jeepers Jamboree will take place on the historic Rubicon Springs Trail July 26 – 30, 2012. The longest running event of this kind, it is a historic accomplishment for certain. There are many special features for this years trip including Movies on the Grass, Historical hikes […]

Vintage Great Lakes 4×4 Photos

Members of the Great Lakes 4×4 forum have posted some awesome photos from their four wheeling adventures in the 80’s. l find it interesting to go back in time…do you have any photos that you would like to share?

70’s Pacific Northwest 4×4 Rally Memories

Dave from Ewillys.com always has some great articles, but he has outdone himself with his new article about Pacific Northwest off road races and playdays from the 70’s really hit home for me. I grew up attending the same events in British Columbia and Washington with my family in the 70’s and early 80’s. Of course, the obstacle course and sand drags were popular, but some of the most loved events were things like the potato stab, blindfold driver race, and the backwards race. One of my favourite stories is when my parents were at a playday Calgary, Alberta. One of the events was where the co-driver would hold a bowl full of water while the driver tried to navigate the off road course as fast as possible. The team with the most amount of water left in the bowl was the winner. My parents were making great time until they came to a rough section. For some reason, my Dad forgot to lock in the hubs and they were stuck with only the rear tires spinning. My mother proceeded to dump the bowl of water on over my Dad’s head. Of course, the local city news was there to capture the moment and it was blasted over the local news for a few days. Do they still hold events like this in your area? What were some of your favourite events?

Vintage 1960’s Tierra Del Sol Desert Safari Videos!

The Tierra Del Sol 4×4 Club Desert Safari rally started in 1967 and continues to this day! Below we have some awesome videos from the early years of the annual event, which takes place in the California desert. The Tierra Del Sol rally is easily one of the largest and most popular events in the southwest, if not for all of the USA. We hope that you enjoy the videos below. Watch them on full screen view if you can! It is really neat to see how much technology has changed over the years. Long gone are the days of manual steering, 3″ of wheel travel and bellbottoms. We are happy to see that the family aspect and friendships gained through four wheeling has not changed over the years. Not to mention bikini’s. What do you think of the videos? Do you have some old videos or photos that you would like to share?

Vintage Pacific Northwest Four Wheeling Photos!

The forum over at the Pacifac Northwest Four Wheel Drive Association website has photo section and

4 Fun 4 Wheelers Old Photos!

Check out the Blast From The Past Photos on the 4 Fun 4 Wheelers page! There is some great old school photos of sand drags, obstacle racing and good times! Gotta love all the terra tires!

Military Vehicle Preservation Association

The Military Vehicle Preservation Association is one of the best organizations for military vehicle restoration info. Not only do they hold their annual convention, but their members recieve the “Army Motors” magazine as well as all kinds of restoration assitance from the 6500 members across the world.

American Jeepster Club

A lot of you enjoyed the article a few weeks ago on the Hurst Jeepster . The American Jeepster Club is another group of Jeepster enthusiasts that live, breath and bleed the unique Jeep. In 1988 The American Jeepster club (AJC) was formed to help Jeepster owners “network”, and find and sell parts. The club […]

CA4WDC History

I came across this neat article on the Blue Ribbon Coalition page. It is a quick one page article about the history of the California Association of 4wd Clubs. It is worth the read… 1959 was a momentous and pivotal year. Fidel Castro became prime minister of Cuba. Alaska was admitted to the Union as […]

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