Thumbnail image for 1973 AMC Jeep CJ5 Dealer Commercial

1973 AMC Jeep CJ5 Dealer Commercial

This 5 minute long AMC Jeep commercial was produced for dealers showing what the Jeeps…

Thumbnail image for 1973 Ford F100 Advertisement

1973 Ford F100 Advertisement

This video was made in 1973 in Argentina for the Ford F100.

1979 Jeep Honcho Truck TV Commercial

What is better? A Jeep Honcho truck or a tank? Check out this Jeep tv commercial from 1979. Do you agree with the announcer?

1985 Ford Truck TV Commercial

Do you remember this Ford Truck tv commercial from 1985? What do you think? Is Ford the best truck? Was the Dodge truck in neutral or was it using its own power up the rock hill?

1963 International Scout for Cowboys Video

The TV commercial below for the 1963 International Scout 800 boasts that the Scout can be used on the ranch as well as as going into town. Do you think the first generation International Scout was a great all purpose vehicle?

A Diesel Texan Jeep CJ-7 Built In France?

Get this. A diesel powered Jeep CJ-7 built in France and called the Texan. I guess it makes sense, since Renault owned Jeep for a while. In fact, I would love to drive a Jeep CJ7 powered by the 2.0 litre Renault diesel. Notice how the turn signals on the fender have been replaced with english 4 wheel drive badges. What do you think about the whole Texan Jeep that was available in France?

Jeep Wagoneer TV Commercial: Declaration Of Independance

Jeep: Declaration of Independance. Is that what the word Jeep means to you? What do you think of when you hear the word Jeep? Check out the 70`s tv commercial about the Jeep Wagoneer to see what Jeep thinks.

70’s Jeep CJ-7 TV Commercial

Check out this 70’s Jeep TV Commercial. So guys…is it true? Do Jeep owners always get the girl?

Post 1955 Kiaser Jeep TV Comercial Featuring Jeep FC Forward Control Tow Truck

Talk about a classic black and white commercial! This vintage tv commercial shows why the Kiaser Jeep FC Forward Control truck is the ultimate tow truck. Check out the uniform of the Jeep tow truck operator! NOTE: If you are reading this via email or Facebook, you may have to go to the Off Road […]

The Best Buy For 73: Vintage 1973 Jeep J2000 Truck Dealer Commercial

The best buy for 73 and the toughest four letter word: Jeep. Here we have a great 1973 AMC Jeep J2000 truck dealer commercial that outlines all the options and important information about the truck. It is definatly worth watching the whole video!

Thumbnail image for 70’s Ford Bronco Advertising

70’s Ford Bronco Advertising

Terry Marvel has some great examples of vintage 70’s Ford Broncos in ads. Some are Ford magazine ads, while some are from different companies, like Minolta.

1966 V8 Power Bronco Ad

The folks over at have some great copies of early Bronco advertising, such as this one. They also have more information about the Ford Bronco than you will ever need to know. Definatly worth checking out!

1979 Dodge Power Wagon Magazine Ad

Here is an ad that I came across recently. I am not a fan of the quad headlights. How about you? You have to love the tag line… “Dodge is into Truckin’ like America is into jeans.” Click on the read more button for a larger image.

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