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From The Archives #182

WC54 ambulances lining up on a pier to take wounded off USS Intrepid, probably Pearl Harbor, Territory…

Ford Bronco Ambulance?

Is this a Ford Bronco Ambulance? Was this a one off modification? Photo via <a href="Check out this interesting photo of a Willys Jeep in Seattle. This photo is courtesy the Classic Broncos

From The Archives #77

I assume this Willys Jeep Wagon is an ex ambulance unit. Does anyone have more information about it?

Canadian Military Archives Photos of WW2 Willys Jeep Ambulances

Last week, we featured some vintage black and white photos of Willys Jeeps in WW2 from the Canadian Archives. This week we bring you some Willys Jeeps that were used as ambulances. Enjoy!

From The Archives #51

Here is an interesting photo of a World War 2 era Dodge Power Wagon ambulance in New Guinea.

From The Archives #45

Not only was the Willys Wagons used for commuting, but with simple modifications they were used as delivery vehicles, railway maintenance vehicles or ambulances, as pictured above.

Military Ambulances

This thread on the US Militaria forum has some interesting photos of ambulances in the second world war. Do you have any to add?

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