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2017 SRD Offroad Show & Camp

This was the 8th year of Strategic Racing Designs annual offroad show held…

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Top 10 Off Road Action Posts Of 2016

2016 was a great year and I’m excited to see what happens in 2017! Below is our top 10…

Thumbnail image for 1966 Dodge Power Wagon W300 Chinook RV

1966 Dodge Power Wagon W300 Chinook RV

Texas resident Aaron Arnold has been collecting Power Wagons for over 20 years…

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2014 Overland Expo

The 2014 Overland Expo was held in Flagstaff Arizona May 16-18th. Geared towards the do-it-…

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Vintage Camping Photos

While I realize that these vintage photos have cars and not 4×4’s, you cannot help but look…

Thumbnail image for 1977 K5 Blazer Chalet

1977 K5 Blazer Chalet

I recently spotted this 1977 K5 Blazer Challett at Ghetto Choppers in Oceanside California for sale…

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Jeep FC Camper

TJDIV on the Expedition Portal form posted pictures of their cool looking Jeep FC camper…

Land Rover Dormobile Camper Conversion

I love this Land Rover Camper conversion. Regular readers will recall our articles about Bronco’s and Blazers with pop top campers, but this is our first photo of a Land Rover. The photo above is of a Dormobiles conversion designed by the Martin Walter Company of Folkestone, Kent, England. Most were built from 1958 through the early mid 1970’s.

Help Save Our Land, Help Save Johnson Valley

SIGN HERE January 15th, 2013: JOHNSON VALLEY, CA:  In the ongoing effort to Save the Johnson Valley OHV area, a new campaign has emerged to raise national awareness regarding the expansion of the 29 Palms Marine base onto public lands. Volunteers have created a petition on the White site ( with the hope of receiving formal recognition […]

Camping in Iceland – 1981

Check out this photo from Thosmork, Iceland in 1981. While the black Dodge Power Wagon is beautiful, the bed and canopy of the red and white one interests me. I almost looks a one piece unit. The windows are huge! Is that a snorkel coming from the hood?

From The Archives #137

The only information that we have about this photo is that it was tagged “Alaska1” in the Vintage Shots Of Days Gone By on Hamb. We assume that it was taken on the Alaska Highway. The Chevrolet truck is not four wheel drive, but it is still an awesome vintage photo!

Camperized 1972 International Scout II For Sale

[singlepic id=59 w=700 h=525 mode=watermark float=center]

Over the past few years we have posted a number of articles about camperized Bronco’s and Blazers, but only two (here and here ) about camperized Scouts. While Four Wheel Camper did make a pop top camper for the Scout, they are even rarer than the Ford and GM versions.

Citroen First To Cross The Sahara By Car In the 1920’s-Croisere Noire

After the first world war, there was a number of new technology available. Although cars had been converted to half tracks in Russia for a number of years, Citroen perfected the conversion and started marketing them heavily. In 1924, Andre Citroen authorized a team of Citroen half tracks to cross Africa. Not only would this team be the first to cross Africa via automobile, but they would be the first to cross the dreaded Sahara desert via auto.

Vintage 1955 England To Singapore Via Land Rover Videos

Image courtesy of Land Rover Series One Club We have not done some vintage expedition travel articles for a while, like the trip in a Land Rover from England to Africa in 1953. Well, we have another great Land Rover based expedition. In this case, the Oxford and Cambridge Far Eastern Expedition in 1955 was […]

Woodsman 4×4 RV Project Update!

A little bit over a year ago, reader Brian Terris submitted some photos of his Woodsman 4×4 RV. Recently, his wife Sheri commented on our Facebook page that they have done a lot work on this unique motorhome. The interior has been gutted and a lot of body work is finally finished. It still needs some work on the outside, but they are starting to see progress! I can’t wait to see it when they are done!

Barn Find Jeep CJ-5 Camper For Sale On Ebay!

Well, it is not really a barn find Jeep CJ-5 camper, but it might as well be! Off Road Action reader Jeep Looker found this factory camperized 1969 Jeep CJ-5 on Ebay and posted on the Jeep CJ-5 Camper restoration article. This is probably the most rare Jeep as only 336 of these were made in 1969 only. I have never seen one in person and have seen very few photos of camperized Jeeps. Of course, this one needs a complete rebuild, but is has so much potential! The problem is that if I purchased and restored it, I would not want to take it off road and go camping. Knowing my luck, I would end up putting over a cliff like this driver almost did in these vintage Jeep CJ-5 camper photos. Imagine restoring one of the most rare jeeps, then driving it off a cliff….

Vintage Photos Jeep CJ-5 Camper Almost Rolling Off Cliff!

We had lots of interest in our recent article about the restoration of a CJ-5 with a factory installed camper. Leo, one of our readers, directed us to Mike Leavensworth’s Flickr page. There we found photos of a camperized Jeep CJ-5 about to roll off a cliff! These photos were taken in 1969. Does anyone know more about this incident?

Can You Imagine Crossing Egypt In A Restored Willys Jeep?

I love Willys Jeeps. Regular readers of this blog already know this. What you may not know is that visiting Africa is on my list of things to do in the next 20 years. I want to see lions and zebras in their natural habitat. I want to see the pyramids. But travelling across Egypt in two restored Willys Jeeps for two weeks? A group of explorers from England and Egypt and doing just that and are inviting you to join them!

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