Vintage Barn Find 1966 Jeep J3000 Truck With Alaskan Camper

Imagine surfing through Craigslist and coming across a 1966 Jeep J3000 truck with an Alaskan camper. Of course, there is no photo. A quick phone call and the owner states that although it has 137,000 miles, it is pretty clean and in good shape overall. You know, the standard little old lady drove it only on Sundays story. So you decide to take a look and find a barn find Jeep truck and camper with only 13,500 miles! The seats, dash and pedals are all in great shape! F3X from Expedition Portal is one lucky SOB. This is exactly what happened to him. He has replaced the plug wires, battery and rebuilt the carb and plans to slowly fix the old girl up. Lets just say that I am very jelous of him!

1978 Ford Bronco With Popup Camper For Sale

Regular readers will remember our series of articles on early SUV’s such as Broncos and Blazers with popup campers. We recently came across this 1978 Ford Bronco with a popup camper. There is not much information in the ad, but the Bronco appears to be in good shape.

Corvairs Crossing The South American Darien Gap?

Years ago, I heard a story about 3 Corvairs that crossed the Darrien Gap in South America. Honestly, I passed it off as gossip. The version I had heard was that the cars started in Alaska and drove the complete Pan American highway. The cars were in such good shape that they decided to cross the impassable Darien Gap…

More Barn Find Bronco Camper Photos

I am really interested in this camper. All of the Bronco campers that I have seen so far have been the popup variety from Four Wheel Campers. The winch on this unit is a bit of an oddball as well. Apparently, it is a vintage Black and Decker winch and it does work! There is a controller mounted under the dash for it. The early Bronco also has a speaker control mounted under the dash for the truck radio to go to the camper. So, have you seen a Bronco camper like this or a Black & Decker winch?

International Scout Four Wheel Camper Update

Back in May, we featured an Internation Scout II that had a pop top Four Wheel Camper. We decided to go back to the original thread on Expedition Portal where we discovered this diamond in the rough. It turns out that the owner has made a lot of progress on both the camper and the Scout. I do have to say that I am damn impressed with how everything turned out! What do you think? Do you like the concept of a SUV with a pop top camper?

Barn Find 1966 Ford Bronco With Camper For Sale!

Those of you that have been reading Off Road Action for a while will recall the early 1966 to 1977 Ford Bronco with Four Wheel Camper poptop camper articles that we did over the summer. We found this barn find 1966 Ford Bronco with a non pop top camper. Finding an early bronco that has uncut rear wheel wells and only 55,000 original miles is a bit of rarity, but finding one that also has a camper on the back is unheard of! We have emailed the owner asking for larger photos as well as a few camper interior shots. We are also interested in the different styling of the winch that is mounted on the front bumper. Frankly, someone needs to purchase this and restore it. We will even give the new owner a place on the website to document the restoration! Will you be the new owner?

Have You Ever Seen A Jeep CJ-5 Camper?

The popularity of our Ford Bronco Camper articles here , here and here proves that people are interested in seeing camperized SUV’s. Even to this day, these articles are some of the most read posts on this website. Even the International Scout camper article and Chevrolet Blazer Chalet articles are extremely popular. So, when you combine the popularity of the camperized vehicle articles and the popularity of our Jeep CJ-5 articles, I think there will be a lot of people interested in seeing the restoration of this 1973 Jeep CJ5 with a camper that was an option in 1969. As you can see, the reader is has pretty much finished the restoration of the CJ and is starting to work on the camper. I will be doing another feature article with more history about the Jeep camper, but in the mean time, does anyone have information about them or photos?

Vintage Photos Of Willys Jeep Crossing Mexico River

My parents purchased a surplus GPW in 1963 for $500 and decided to take the jeep to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in 1965. At that time the paved road stopped outside of Mazatlan so they towed the jeep there and then proceeded on. There is a large river (Ameca) just before PV that you had to cross, a bridge was not completed until 1966. The following sequence is a tribute to my parents zest for life and spirit of adventure.

Chevy K5 Blazer Chalets and GMC Jimmy Casa Grandes Yahoo Group

Following our articles about SUV’s with Four Wheel Campers, I had a reader write me to tell me about the Chevy K5 Blazer Chalets group on Yahoo. This group of Blazer Chalet and GMC Jimmy Casa Grandes know more about these unique camperized SUV’s than I will ever hope to know! It is definatly worth checking them out!

Vintage Videos Of Travelling From Capetown To Cairo In 1959

This is a great collection of videos about the Wally Byam Caracan Club International travelling from Capetown to Cairo in 1959. Imagine a group of trucks towing Airstream trailers through the middle of Africa in 1959? 36 vehicles and over 100 people! There is a lot of really neat moments throughout the videos, such as the encounters with the Pigmy people that had never seen a balloon before. Does anyone have more information about this expedition?

International Scout Camper?

In response to our recent articles about Ford Broncos with Four Wheel Camper poptop campers, an International Scout owner posted some questions on Expedition Portal about the Scout he recently purchased with a camper. Of course, it was not long before another member posted some great detail photos of his Scout Camper.

Condor Off Road Race Motorhome?

Off Road Action reader Rod Hafner sent us this great photo of the Condor off road racing motorhome. He took the photo in the 1969 or 1970 Mint 400.

London To Singapore Via Land Rover

Kind of the opposite of our article last week about the Singpore To UK In A Willys , we now have some videos about a group of two Land Rovers travelling from London to Singapore.

Early Bronco Camper For Sale!

After our recent series of articles on Camper Broncos I never expected to come across the following. A 1974 Ford Bronco project with a camper for only $5500us…

1958 Trip Of The Year: Singapore To UK In A Willys Jeep

I love overland exploration. Honestly, isn’t what owning a 4×4 is all about? Getting out in the wilds and camping with your friends and family? I thought the article I wrote about two young men traveling across America and back in two stock Willys Jeeps last year. The article about a family crossing Africa in […]

Four Wheel Camper Responds To Camperized Bronco Articles

Expedition Portal is one of my favourite websites. While I love off road racing, sometimes it is just nice to get into the outback and enjoy nature with friends and family. Expedition Portal is a great website that is based on a group of individuals from around the world that love to explore in their […]

More Early Ford Bronco Campers

After reading our previous article about Ford Bronco Campers, Nick Menudier sent in photos of his own camperized Bronco. Nick owns Classic Broncos .

Another Woodsman 4×4 RV!

After reading our article about the Woodsman 4×4 RV , Brian Terris submitted photos of his 1976 Woodsman. It originally came with a 360, but he is building a healthy 440 for it and will be converting it to part time 4wd. It was stripped out of it when he bought it. I did not […]

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