Thumbnail image for American Racing Legend Dan Gurney Passes Away at 86

American Racing Legend Dan Gurney Passes Away at 86

Dan Gurney died Sunday January 14th 2018 from complications related…

Thumbnail image for Aloha Wanderwell – The First Woman to Drive Around the World

Aloha Wanderwell – The First Woman to Drive Around the World

Aloha Wanderwell is known as the Amelia Earhart of the automobile. I’ve never heard of Aloha and the…

Thumbnail image for Cruisin’ Grand Escondido

Cruisin’ Grand Escondido

The 2014 Cruisin’ Grand car show kicks off tonight in Escondido, CA. This is a weekly car show…

Thumbnail image for Vintage Camping Photos

Vintage Camping Photos

While I realize that these vintage photos have cars and not 4×4’s, you cannot help but look…

Thumbnail image for 1920s Oil Field Dodge Promotional Film

1920s Oil Field Dodge Promotional Film

This 1920’s promotional film shows a Dodge Brothers sedan doing some serious off-roading to get to an oil…

Mitsubishi PX33 – The First 4wd Off Road Vehicle?

Last year we posted about the GAZ-M-20 prototype which could be the worlds first SUV.  Recently during some more searching I came accross the Mitsubishi PX33 which is the first Japanese built sedan to have full time four-wheel drive.  This prototype built in 1933 was commissioned by the Japanese government in 1934 for military use. […]

Audi S1 Group B Rally Video

You can never go wrong with a vintage Group B rally video!  Check out this insane Audi Quatro Sport S1 at the 1000 Lakes Group B Rally.

Leadfoot El Camino Monster Truck

The Leadfoot monster truck was based on a 1977 Chevrolet El Camino. Owned and driven by Ron Dennis of Flagstaff, AZ. We do not know much about it, other than it was powered by a 600hp 425 Chevrolet engine that was coupled to a Turbo 400 transmission. The engine was later upgraded to a 468ci […]

2012 SEMA Show Part 1

The 2012 SEMA Auto Show kicked off this week in Las Vegas Nevada.  Today’s gallery features everything from vintage off road vehicles to SEMA girls, super expensive cars, crazy paint jobs, ridiculous wheels and much more.  Check back for more of SEMA 2012! Click here to see 2012 SEMA part 2.

2012 Julian Classic Motoring Show

The Julian Classic Motoring Society’s Vintage Car Show was held July 14-15 in Julian California.  This show started in 2005 and has a theme each year for the show.  This years show was a salute to the 45th running of the SCORE Baja 1000.  Ivan “Ironman” Stewart was the grand marshal of the event and featured […]

Vintage Black & White Swamp Buggy Photos From The 1940’s

I have seen swamp buggy and mud bog photos from the 60’s and 70’s, but never black and white photos from the 40’s like these ones! Check out the whitewalls! Does anyone have information about these photos, like when they were taken? Photos via The Hamb

Vintage European Sand Drag Photos

Check out these vintage sand drag photos in this thread. I think they are from Iceland, but am not sure…can anyone help us?

Citroen First To Cross The Sahara By Car In the 1920’s-Croisere Noire

After the first world war, there was a number of new technology available. Although cars had been converted to half tracks in Russia for a number of years, Citroen perfected the conversion and started marketing them heavily. In 1924, Andre Citroen authorized a team of Citroen half tracks to cross Africa. Not only would this team be the first to cross Africa via automobile, but they would be the first to cross the dreaded Sahara desert via auto.

Casper Monster Truck As A 57 Chevy?

Do you remember the Casper monster truck from the 80s? It was a 79-83 Toyota pickup. However, while surfing through this thread on Monster Mayhem, I found out that the original Casper rolled in late 1988 and the Toyota body was replaced by a 1957 Chevrolet car! Does anyone have more photos of the Casper Chevy car monster truck?

Summertime Means Woody Wagons!

There is nothing that says summer time like a bunch of woody wagons at the beach! I have seen photos of the Mercury before. It was converted to 4×4 when new with a Marmon Herrington 4wd conversion. As for the International, it is the first time I have seen it, but I think I am in love! What a beautiful machine! What do you think?

1929 Model A With Arps Snow Bird Conversion For Sale

It is not often that we feature cars here on Off Road Action. In fact, I do not recall the last time we featured a car for sale. However, this 1929 Ford Model A deserves special recognition. The older restoration includes a Arps Snow Bird conversion that gives the vehicle tracks on the rear and skis on the front. This rare option was used mostly for mail delivery in the 30’s.

As per the owners words on the Hemmings ad:
Ford Model Ts and Model As were ubiquitous reliable strong and inexpensive. Any number of companies conceived specific applications for Fords to adapt them to specialized applications but the Snow Bird is certainly one of the strangest. The concept was originated by Virgil White of West Ossipee New Hampshire. Later taken on by B.P. Arps and Adolf Langenfelds Farm Specialty Manufacturing in Wisconsin a Model A-based Snow Bird built by Arps was part of Admiral Byrds 1931 Antarctic expedition. This 1929 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan with its Arps Snow Bird conversion was originally used by the New York Guard and later by a rural mail carrier. Finished in Manila Brown accented in Black Yellow wire wheels with Taupe cloth upholstery it drives through caterpillar style treads encompassing the rear tire and two leaf sprung auxiliary bogies on each side. The front wheels have long skis mounted just an inch or so off the ground inside the front wheels. In addition to the Snow Bird package this Model A also has an exhaust manifold heater missing only its sheet metal shrouding. An older restoration it has been mechanically refurbished and freshly detailed cosmetically. It is an understatement to say that it will be the center of attention wherever it appears. Driving on the tracks is not recommended: the metal cleats with chew up asphalt or turf. On the other hand coming out of the barn on a cold crisp snowy winters day and setting off down a snowmobile trail it will do nothing less than stop traffic dead with amazement. $59,500

1982 AMC Eagle SX4 Rally Car Project For Sale!

AMC Eagles are a bit of a rarity these days. I know there is a cult following among them, with people putting V8’s in them and lifting them. I can imagine those guys are going crazy over this former Gene Henderson 1982 AMC Eagle SX4 rally car. An Amc Eagle rally car is just plain cool because it is ugly, rare to see and…well…just because it is! A mild AMC 390 has been shoe horned in. Check out the love/hate relationship that Bring A Trailer readers have with the car, as well as the original Craigs List ad and the sellers photo album. While I know it was originally built to be a rally car, I keep on wondering how it would do at the NORRA 1000 vintage off road race in Mexico in May?

From The Archives #57

Remember the 80’s? 4×4 cars seemed to be at their height…how about this wild pinto? I was going to make some smart comment about somebody wrecking a perfectly good pinto, but…

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