Oldsmobile Cutlass Off Road Race Car?

We are looking for more photos of the Miller Lite Oldsmobile Cutlass that Chris Robinson used to off road race in Class 6. Can you help us out?

AMC Pacer Off Road Race Car?

For me, one of the best parts about Waynes World was the pimped out AMC Pacer. Did you know that there was a few AMC Pacers that were raced off road in the 70’s?

More Ford Edsel Off Road Race Car Photos!

Earlier this month, we wrote a short article about 3 Ford Edsel that used to race in off road desert races in the 60’s though to the 80’s. With the Swift’s racing their restored Ford Edsel off road race car in the NORRA Mexican 1000 this week, we have been coming across more photos for your pleasure. Thank you to Class 3 for most of the photos in this post.

2010 NORRA Mexican 1000 Starting Line Photos

We have located some starting line photos to follow up on our NORRA Mexican 1000 vintage off road race contingency photos we posted yesterday. Thanks to the folks at Off Road Mexico for the photos!

NORRA 1000 Contingency Photos

The NORRA Mexican 1000 vintage off road race is on this week, so expect to see a lot of photos of vintage desert race vehicles over the next few days! This first group of photos are from this post on Race Dezert, along with this and this one from Off Road Mexico.

Monster 34 Model A

Now for something different…even though it is not 4×4, I think you will enjoy it. This 1934 Model A was apparently modified with larger tires. However, I know that several mail delivery cars in that era were modified like this to get through the snow and mud.

Ford Edsel Off Road Race Car?

Our series of articles on vintage off road race cars has been very popular. We have seen Datsuns, AMC Ramblers, and of course, James Garners Olds 442. How about a Ford Edsel?

NORRA Vintage Off Road Race Is Almost Here!

The NORRA vintage off road race is from April 28 to May 2 and I cannot make it! ARRRGGHH! The Swifts have posted up some photos from the test run…anyone want to buy me a plane ticket down?

James Garner Olds 442 Rebuild Photos: The Begining

Last week, we showed you photos of the James Garner Olds 442 off road race car rebuild. Owner Ron Johnson is putting his heart and sole into restoring the car the for NORRA 1000 vintage race in April. We thought it would be neat to post some photos of when Ron found the car and […]

More James Garner Olds 442 Race Car Rebuild Photos

Ron Johnson, owner of the infamous vintage James Garner Goodyear Grabbler Olds 442 off road race car has sent me some more photos of the cars rebuild. Ron is rebuilding the car, which we featured HERE and HERE , to race in the

James Garner Olds 442 Desert Race Car Updates!

Ron Johnson has made some huge progress on the former

Vintage Desert Racing Cars!

When I was researching the James Garner Olds 442, the AMC Ramblers that raced the 69 Baja 500, and the Peter Brock Datsun 240Z that raced the Baja 500 , I started a thread on Race Dezert about vintage desert race cars. You seriously have to check this thread out! There is a ton of […]

4×4 Cars

Ok, I will admit it. I still have some redneck blood in me. I a grew up as a good old country boy, but live in the largest city in Canada now. Heck, I just spent the last 2 weeks working with a monster ride truck. You know what they say…you can take the boy […]

AMC Rambler vs Baja

You may notice that we have been featuring a lot of articles recently about off road race cars like the Paris Dakar Rolls Royce , the Peter Brock Datsun 240Z that raced the Baja 500, and the James Garner Olds 442. When I started writing this article, I knew that there was a group of […]

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Off Road Race Car

We have been featuring some vintage off road race cars here lately, like Peter Brock’s Datsun 240Z and James Garner’s Olds 442. Well I found this oddity on the Hemmings Blog. The Rolls Royce Silver Shadow raced in the 1981 Paris Dakar rally and was as high as 13th place when front axle breakage caused […]

Datsun 240Z vs Baja

Datsun icon and off road racing legend Peter Brock built and drove this Datsun…

Model A Mail Cars

Before the Jeep, the US Mail was delivered by horse and wagon, then the infamous Model T, followed by the Model A. Both the Model T and Model A were modified to work well in both snow and mud. For this article, we will be reviewing the Model A version of the Pony Express! If […]

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