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Top 10 Off Road Action Posts in 2017

Here are the top 10 posts with the most views on Off Road Action in 2017…

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Top 10 Off Road Action Posts Of 2016

2016 was a great year and I’m excited to see what happens in 2017! Below is our top 10…

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Big Bad & Bouncy Monster Truck

Do you remember the Big, Bad & Bouncy II monster truck? The Ontario based…

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Mickey Thompson’s “Big Red”

The Thompson family recently listed Mickey Thompson’s “Beg Red” 1973 Chevy race truck on eBay…

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1977 K5 Blazer Chalet

I recently spotted this 1977 K5 Blazer Challett at Ghetto Choppers in Oceanside California for sale…

Do You Remember The Big Brutus 6x6x6 Monster Truck?

The Big Brutus 6x6x6 monster truck was owned by Charles Flynn of Henagar, Florida. The unique monster truck was based on a 1985 Chevrolet Silverado, but that is where the similarity ends.

Do You Remember The TNT Stomper Bully?

Do you remember the Stomper Bully? Does anyone have more photos or information?

Vintage Monster Truck Show Videos!

I have to admit that I have not been keeping up with the vintage monster trucks coming out of the woodwork lately. Honestly, there is just to many different things to keep up with…Retro is on the rise! I know that there is a number of 80’s vintage monster trucks being rebuilt and a few newer old school style trucks coming out. Check out these videos from Monster Blog, who covered a recent old school monster truck event. Any monster truck fans want to help us keep up to date with all the vintage monster truck news? We are looking for photos, videos and photos!

Vintage Great Lakes 4×4 Photos

Members of the Great Lakes 4×4 forum have posted some awesome photos from their four wheeling adventures in the 80’s. l find it interesting to go back in time…do you have any photos that you would like to share?

Rick Mears: Off Road Racer Turns Indy 500 Winner

Did you know that 4 time Indy 500 winner Rick Mears started his career as an off road racer? Mears, who also holds the record of 6 Indy 500 pole position starts, raced buggies with his off road racing star brother Roger Mears. There was a few other rides, such as the Parnelli Jones Chevrolet pictured above, but most fans remember the Mears brothers battling it out at Riverside Raceway. Do you have more photos or information about Rick Mears and his off road racing career?

Have You Ever Heard Of The Star Monster Truck?

I recently came across this photo of the Star Monster, which I have never heard of. How about you? Have you ever heard of the Star Monster truck? Does anyone have more photos? This photo screams 80’s monster truck!

Do You Remember The Fall Guy Truck?

Probably a better question is who does not remember the Fall Guy? A lifted GMC truck jumping over fences, ponds and who knows what else. I mean really, whas there any other shows in the 80’s that had better action than the Fall Guy, Dukes Of Hazzard and the A Team? For those that are too young to enjoy the memories, the show was centered around Colt Seavers (Lee Majors), who is a hollywood stunt man that takes on bounty hunter side jobs.

Southern Sunshine Monster Truck Rises Again

After been stored for 15 years, Southern Sunshine will be shining again! A lifetime dream was cut short when Mart Williams, age 26, died of an accidental drowning in Prien Lake on Thursday, June 5, 1986. Mart’s dream was most vividly expressed in “Southern Sunshine”, a four-wheel drive Chevy Monster Truck, which he built, operated and displayed to thousands of truck fans throughout the country. Ironically, on the day of Mart’s death, he received a letter from New York City recognizing “Southern Sunshine” as one of the top ten Monster Trucks in the world. But, the meaning of “Southern Sunshine” is more than just the truck that Mart built. It stands for Mart’s devotion to bringing happiness to others through recreation. Mart constantly reminded us of the need to balance our lives with a proper mix of work and recreation.

Vintage Bearfoot & Lil’ Bearfoot Monster Truck Video

Here is an interesting old video of Bearfoot and Lil’ Bearfoot doing some classic crushing. It is so weird to watch these guys crush cars and think that I was in absolute awe of them when I was a kid. Now the video is boring…

Tom Strong Class 4 Chevy Photos Or Info Wanted

Mark Newhan has recently picked up the old Tom Strong Class 4 Chevrolet race truck and is looking to restore it. He has posted on Race Dezert that he is looking for photos or information about the truck. Anyone have any info on this old workhorse? I know he ran a lot of off road […]

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