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1961 Dodge W300 Power Wagon

This great looking 1961 Dodge W300 Power Wagon recently sold on eBay out of Vancouver, BC…

Camping in Iceland – 1981

Check out this photo from Thosmork, Iceland in 1981. While the black Dodge Power Wagon is beautiful, the bed and canopy of the red and white one interests me. I almost looks a one piece unit. The windows are huge! Is that a snorkel coming from the hood?

New 60’s Dodge Power Wagons Sitting On Chrysler Dealership Lot

Do you know where Killington Motors was? Notice that they sold Dodge and Oldsmobile…a weird combination, don’t you think?

1/9th Scale 1967 Dodge Fargo Sweptline Power Wagon

Last year, we featured a custom radio control 67-72 Ford Bumpside Ford truck. Today, we have a hand built radio control 1967 Dodge Fargo Sweptline Power Wagon truck. We are serious when we say it was hand made. The wood body and driver are hand carved. The chassis is homemade from wood and aluminum. It uses Axial axles and shafts and RC4WD transmission, rims and reduced tires. A GCM transfer case and 18.5 Novak goat esc and motor wrap up the drivetrain. I still cannot believe that the body is hand carved! What an incredible job! Make sure to check out the video below!

From The Archives #69

What an awesome photo of a 60’s Dodge Power Wagon truck rusting away in a field. You have to love the “Pitch In” clean up garbage bumper sticker. Via…

Random Old Dodge Power Wagon Photos

Are you one of those people that looks into peoples yards when you are driving by to see what vehicles they have hidden out back? Come on, admit it! Here is a few photos from a thread from ADV

From The Archives #29

I love this body style of Dodge Power Wagons. They are so ugly that they are cool! Kind of like me…

2009 Hollister Power Wagon Rally Photos

The 2009 Hollister Power Wagon Rally was a hit! I was on the message board when I came across this thread with some great photos of the event. Ah, nothing like a little trail ride with your Dodge Power Wagon friends, followed by a little mud action! It is great to see beautiful restored […]

Sweptline Dodge Power Wagons

Anyone that has been reading this blog for a while has come to understand that I have a soft spot for early Bronco’s, Dodge Power Wagons and off road racing. So it should come as no suprise to you that I have yet another post about the Dodge Power Wagon. is the best website […]

Power Wagon Advertiser

The Power Wagon Advertiser is a monthly magazine that covers the Dodge Power Wagon. There is a variety of articles including editorial content, feature and technical articles, classified ads and more. Their online forum is also worth checking out. I was reading it yesterday and before I knew it, a few hours had gone by!

Swamp Fox Army Monster Dodge!

I was checking out a website about 1963 Dodge Trucks (link to site no longer active) and I came across the Swamp Fox Army Truck! This special Dodge Power Wagon, Series 300, was a unique 1-ton truck. Massive low pressure tires called Terra-Tires, gave this Dodge Power Wagon W-300 “Swamp Fox” maximum traction in the most difficult […]

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