Dodge Power Wagon

From The Archives #124

Check out this photo of a Dodge M37 Power Wagon taken by a Life Magazine photographer. I really wish I had a truck mounted rocket when I was stuck in traffic in Toronto!

From The Archives #121

I know it is late in the season, but who wants to go snow plowing in this old Dodge Power Wagon M-37?

From The Archives #115

It is sad to see this old Dodge Power Wagon rusting away. Do you have any abandoned vehicle photos that you would like to share?

From The Archives #92

Apparently, the French military used Dodge Power Wagons in Africa.

From The Archives #89

This is one of the most beautiful 1962 Dodge WM300 Power Wagons I have ever seen! What a beautiful restoration. What do you think?

From The Archives #85

What a perfect example of a 1949 Dodge Power Wagon!

From The Archives #81

What a great photo of what I think are military Dodge Power Wagons crossing a river on a pontoon ferry in 1942. Are they Studebakers, GMC`s, Studebakers or what?

From The Archives #74

This Dodge Power Wagon firetruck is still used in France.

From The Archives #69

What an awesome photo of a 60’s Dodge Power Wagon truck rusting away in a field. You have to love the “Pitch In” clean up garbage bumper sticker. Via…

From The Archives #65

How about this 1943 Dodge WC63 Power Wagon 6×6? What a beautiful piece of machinery. Does anyone have more photos or information about it?

From The Archives #64

Here is a few inspection photos with a Willys and Dodge Power Wagon. Does anyone have more information?

From The Archives #63

Ok, Dodge Power Wagon lovers, here is an awesome vintage color photo for you!

From The Archives #51

Here is an interesting photo of a World War 2 era Dodge Power Wagon ambulance in New Guinea.

From The Archives #50

Hard for me to tell, but is this a Dodge Power Wagon or one of the larger Chevrolet trucks?

1966 Dodge Power Wagon For Sale

This former City of Seattle Washington 1966 Dodge Power Wagon WM300 1 ton truck is for sale here on Ebay. I really like the bumble bee yellow with black fender look, and as the folks at Bring A Trailer mention, it really needs a logo on the door to complete it. Looking at the massiver winch and the mounts on the front bumper, I believe that this Dodge Power Wagon used to have an a arm system on the front something like the one from this photo. I am really surprised at the lack of rust on this truck, expecially with it being from Seattle.

Abandoned Dodge Power Wagon Ambulance Rusting Away

Check out this old Dodge Power Wagon Ambulance rusting away in the field! Somebody please save it!

From The Archives #42

Here is a beautiful Dodge Power Wagon that was posted on the ADV Cool Truck thread

The Bastogne 65th Anniversary Commemoration

I do not have much information, but I believe this event was held in Vaux-sur-Sûre, Belgium. What a great collection of vintage military Jeeps and other vehicles! I love the 6×6 Willys Jeep!

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