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Cruisin’ Grand Escondido

The 2014 Cruisin’ Grand car show kicks off tonight in Escondido, CA. This is a weekly car show…

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The Search For The SS Burro Buggy

Steve has been searching for info and the location of the SS Burro Buggy….

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1968 Burro Buggies

Steve Heckert recently sent us these photos of his three 1968 Burro Buggies…

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The 27th Annual Vista Burger Run

The 27th Annual Burger Run was held January 11th at Peppertree Frosty in Vista, CA…

Thumbnail image for From The Archives #156

From The Archives #156

What an awesome vintage sand dune buggy photo! Does anyone have information about it? Do you…

Thumbnail image for New Baja Social Club Film Trailer

New Baja Social Club Film Trailer

The Rennsport Group, in association with Armed Bandit Productions today released the official trailer…

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Dune Buggy Wheelie

Now this looks like fun! I have no information about the photo and I cannot even remember where…

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Four Andys and an Old Dune Buggy

Legendary “Bull Fighter” Dune Buggy To Run 1,100+ Mile “Family Reunion”

CORRA Canadian Off Road Racing In Ontario Photos From 1972

Doug Sutton, who ran the first off road race series in Canada, recently posted some photos on his Facebook profile of the 1972 CORRA (Canadian Off Road Racing Association) race at Swiss Chalet park in Ontario. The photos were taken by Joe Dowbenka. 1972 was the first year for CORRA and the organization would continue to host short course off road racing across Ontario for many years. We will let the photos speak for themselves…

Mickey Thompson Challenger IV Restoration Video Part 5

This video is part 5 of the Mickey Thompson Challenger IV Restoration by Rory Ward.

Mickey Thompson’s Challenger IV Restoration Video Part 4

This video is part 4 of Rory Ward’s Mickey Thompson Challenger IV Restoration.

Mickey Thompson’s Challenger IV Part 2

Finding Challenger IV - By Rory Ward 4 years earlier I had seen this image of Challenger IV, sitting in a loft, looked to be untouched for YEARS.  I couldn’t believe the car was still in existence, figuring it had either been bought and morphed into something else or destroyed in a race, I really didn’t […]

Mickey Thompson’s Challenger IV Restoration Video Part 3

This video is part 3 of Rory Ward’s Mickey Thompson Challenger IV Restoration.

Mickey Thompson Challenger IV restoration videos part 1 & 2

As a follow up to our recent story about Mickey Thompson’s Challenger IV by Rory Ward, we will be posting videos and info about the restoration so you can follow the progress of the project.  Below are part 1 & 2 of the ongoing video series. Part 1- Part 2-

Mickey Thompsons Challenger IV Part 1

The Story of Challenger IV, By Rory Ward   It was mid to late 1977 when Mickey Thompson (MT) decided it was time to build yet another new race car for the desert.  I’m speculating that he was not too happy with the performance of his single seat “Marines” sponsored class 1 buggy so he […]

Awesome Vintage Sand Dune Photo

Check out this awesome vintage photo of the sand dunes! Do you have more vintage sand dune photos or movies? Photo via The Hamb

Marina Dunes 1965

Check out these two great photos of Marina Dunes in 1965! Love the whitewalls! Anyone else have any 60′s sand dune photos or video?

Steve McQueen And His Meyers Manx Dune Buggy From The Thomas Crown Affair Movie

Let’s just admit it. Steve McQueen is a guys guy. There is very few men in his caliber of coolness. He had the beautiful women. Hell, I am not to proud to admit that he was a damn good looking guy. He could race anything with two or four wheels. He had it all! Check out the video below of McQueen and Faye Dunaway blasting through the sand dunes in the movie “The Thomas Crown Affair”. As Steve McQueen states in the video, “Crown lives at the beach, and he has a sand Dune Buggy. I helped them design it, so I’m kind of proud of that. What it is, it’s set on a Volkswagen chassis, with great old wide weenies – big wide tires on it with mag wheels. Corvair engine stuffed in the back, and a semi reclining position, somewhat like my formula 1 car. It’s very light, you know, I think we are around about 230 horses, and the vehicle weighs about 1000 pounds.”

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