Fire Truck

70’s Ford Fire Trucks

Here is some 70’s Ford fire truck photos from my collection. Do you have any to add?

Overloaded Willys MB Jeep Fire Truck

This is probably one of the most overloaded Willys Jeep fire trucks I have seen! Check out the size of the water pump on the front!

Howe Jeep FC Fire Trucks

Howe Fire Apparatus converted a lot of Jeep FC trucks into fire trucks in the late 50’s and early 60’s. The Anderson, Indiana company was known across the nation as one of the top builders of fire trucks. The photo above shows an unique Jeep FC-150. Notice that the two large reels are connected to a number of small carbon diorxide tanks.

1953 Willys CJ3B Jeep Fire Truck

This 1953 Willys Jeep CJ-3B was part of the factory fire brigade at DE (Douwe Egberts) in Joure, Friesland. Together with its 1935 mobile pump, it wasn’t retired from stand-by duty till 2004! It is now in a private collection.

More Ford Bronco Fire Truck Photos

Last month, we posted some photos of an early Ford Bronco bush fire truck. I also posted new message on the Classic message board asking for more information or photos of other Bronco fire trucks. Proving why it is one of the best Ford Bronco forums on the internet, some unique photos were posted.

More Jeep Firetrucks

After posting the article about Willys and Jeep Firetrucks, I did some looking around for more photos. Enjoy!

Ford Bronco Fire Truck

This 1972 Ford Bronco Brush truck was an ex-Lake Jackson Volunteer Fire Department truck, then an ex-Shepherdstown VFD vehicle.

North Mountain Willys Fire Truck

The North Mountain Volunteer Fire Department has a beautiful restored 1951 Willys fire truck.

Willys & Jeep Fire Trucks

Here is some photos of Willys and Jeep Fire trucks that I have collected over the years…

From The Archives #32

I know I do not put enough fire trucks on here and when I do, they are either Willys or Dodge Power Wagons. Well, here is a different one… a 1971 Chevrolet truck.

York County, PA Fire Trucks

Here is another group of photos from the

Dauphin, PA Fire Trucks


1953 Land Rover Fire Truck

This interesting unit is from New Zealand. via

Fire Department Dodge Ramcharger

via Dodge

Mulvane Kansas Fire Department

The Mulvane, Kansas volunteer fire department has a great website that includes a very detailed page about their history. While there is not much about 4×4 vehicles, it does include everything from horse drawn fire wagons to ambulances and everything in between. A very interesting read!

Land Rover Fire Truck!

I found this over at again. Check them out..they have all kinds of awesome photos of old fire trucks. This is a 1960 (3991 PX) Landrover L4L (Landrover 4wd/Ladder) which when new went to Midhurst Fire Station,Station 19 of the West Sussex Fire Brigade in one of the most rural parts of the county.Origanally […]

Awesome Dodge Power Wagon Fire Truck

I came across a website the other day called Fire Engine Photos . Talk about some great pictures of old fire engines, like this Power Wagon above from Denmark. It is definatly worth checking out if you are into the old iron!

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