Ford 67-72 Truck

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HRT Motorsports Built 1972 Ford F100

This 1972 Ford F100 was built by HRT Motorsports and is currently owned by…

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Top 10 Off Road Action Posts Of 2016

2016 was a great year and I’m excited to see what happens in 2017! Below is our top 10…

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From The Archives #190

These photos were taken in 1972 around the Kamloops BC area.

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The New Off Road Action User Forum

When I took over the Off Road Action website in 2012 I had many ideas I waned to…

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1971 Ford F100 Step Side 4×4

This great looking Ford F100 was just posted in the Off Road Action classifieds…

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Frank “Scoop” Vessels 1972 Ford F-100

This Friday August 1st the Frank “Scoop” Vessels 1972 Ford F100 will be up for auction in…

70’s Ford Fire Trucks

Here is some 70’s Ford fire truck photos from my collection. Do you have any to add?

Awesome Bumpside F100 RC 4×4 Truck

I do not get onto the RC forums very often, but this build from Scale 4×4 RC caught my eye. Being that the 1969-72 Ford Bumpside F100 is one of my favourite truck body styles, I fell in love with this buildup! What a great job!

Old Ford Race Truck Photos

Race Dezert user Bringtheruckus posted some photos of F100 Ford race trucks that his family used to race to this thread on Race Dezert The thread covers bumpside (67-72) and dentside (73-79) Ford race trucks. Some are new trucks being build while some are restorations of desert race trucks and prerunners from the 70’s and 80’s.

Old Ford Crew Cabs!

After our Bumpside Dually Crew Cab article the other day, I came across Old Ford Crew What an interesting site! While browsing through the site, I found out that Ford started producing crew cab trucks in 1965 and there was even a few companies converting Ford trucks before that. Hopefully we will soon be […]

John’s 1968 F100 4×4 Truck

After seeing his truck in the lead photo in our 67-72 Ford 4×4 Truck Photos article, he sent in some photos and a great writeup on his truck. In fact, I will let him tell his story… John DeKeersgieter, 42yo, Yorktown VA, computer programmer. I’ve been into cars and truck since I was little. I […]

Bumpside 1972 F350 Ford Dually Crewcab 4×4

After seeing our recent articles on 67-72 Ford trucks, this reader sent in photos of his 1972 F350 Ford dually crewcab 4×4. What a tank! I can only imagine how much land it takes to turn it around, never mind with a trailer on the back! I can totally visualize this truck with a 10′ […]

Big Orange 72 F-100 Ford Truck

After seeing our article about 67-72 Ford trucks, reader Kyle McGriff sent us in some photos of his 1972 Ford F-100 LWB. The truck has a dana 44 with front leaf springs over axle, disk brakes, and power steering. The 400 big block is slighty warmed up with around 372Hp and 353Ftlbs. It is followed […]

67-72 Ford 4×4 Truck Photos

While I do feature a lot of Dodge Power Wagons on this site and they are one of my favourite trucks, I am going to have to say that the “bumpside” 67-72 Ford trucks are probably my favourite. Recently, a thread on Fordification with a ton of photos of 67-72 Ford 4×4 trucks caught my […]

70’s Ford Prerunners

It has been a while since I checked out this thread on Desert Rides about 70’s Ford prerunners and it has grown to 58 pages! What started out as a question about fiberglass flared fenders for 70’s Fords has turned to an incredible show and tell of early model prerunners. There is a some great […]

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