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Top 10 Off Road Action Posts in 2017

Here are the top 10 posts with the most views on Off Road Action in 2017…

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Restored 1978 Ford Bronco

This great looking 1978 Ford Bronco was recently painted by Jorge Garcia in Mexicali…

Ford Bronco Ambulance?

Is this a Ford Bronco Ambulance? Was this a one off modification? Photo via <a href="Check out this interesting photo of a Willys Jeep in Seattle. This photo is courtesy the Classic Broncos

1979 Ford Bronco For Sale has a 1979 Ford Bronco listed in their classifieds.  If you like huge lifts, big tires and old Bronco’s this could be the one for you.  Check it out here.

Bronco Fender Cover Now Available From Bronco Graveyard

Bronco Graveyard has the best fender cover in the industry! Made from heavy vinyl and reinforced softfoam anti-skid backing, so it won’t slide off even the slickest waxed surfaces. Offers a soft cushioned protection from tools and belt buckles. Plus, it’s grease and oil resistant for long life. Features the Bronco script logo and a black background.

Even More Vintage Monster Truck Photos!

Flickr user acdude007 has some incredible vintage monster truck photos from the 80s! There is some never seen before photos that monster truck fans will love!

Vintage Monster Truck Show Videos!

I have to admit that I have not been keeping up with the vintage monster trucks coming out of the woodwork lately. Honestly, there is just to many different things to keep up with…Retro is on the rise! I know that there is a number of 80’s vintage monster trucks being rebuilt and a few newer old school style trucks coming out. Check out these videos from Monster Blog, who covered a recent old school monster truck event. Any monster truck fans want to help us keep up to date with all the vintage monster truck news? We are looking for photos, videos and photos!

1978 Ford Bronco With Popup Camper For Sale

Regular readers will remember our series of articles on early SUV’s such as Broncos and Blazers with popup campers. We recently came across this 1978 Ford Bronco with a popup camper. There is not much information in the ad, but the Bronco appears to be in good shape.

Have You Seen Bronco Driver Magazine?

The magazine is dedicated to the 1966 to 1996 Ford Bronco. They cover everything from restored and modified Broncos to Bronco specific event coverage and more! The magazine is available at most local book stores as well as via subscription.

Another 1979 Four Door Ford Bronco!

Last week, we posted about a custom 1978-79 four door Ford Bronco. This week, we have another one with more information and photos than the other…

78-79 Four Door Ford Bronco

Lately, we have had a few articles about four door Ford Broncos. Well, here is another custom one. Found on the Four Door Bronco website, it appears to use a F600 truck front end and crewcab parts with Rockwell axles.

More Camper Bronco’s

A while ago we did an article on a early Ford Bronco with the camper option. I recently came across some photos of 78-79 Ford Broncos with the same option. Does anyone have more information about these? Who made the campers? Was it a factory option? Check out the

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