Ford Ranger

Spare Time Ford Ranger Monster Truck Found!

Last week we posted an article asking where the Spare Time Ford Ranger monster truck went to. We found our answer in this thread on Monster Mayhem. The truck, along with a bunch of other vintage monster trucks are all sitting outside of the Madrid Restaurant in Velle de Quebec. It is sad to see them rusting away…they deserve to be restored and lovingly cared for as they are a piece of history. However, it sounds like the owner has no interest in restoring or selling them.

Spare Time Ford Ranger Monster Truck?

Does anyone have information about the Spare Time Ford Ranger monster truck?

Manny Esquerra Photos

The grandson of infamous Ford racer Manny Esquerra is asking for photos of his grandfather on this thread on Dezert Rangers. Manny passed away during the 2008 Parker 400. Ironicly, he lived in Parker and had a very popular Mexican resteraunt. He started off with a Bill Stroppe prepared Courier, followed by one of the […]

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