International Scout 800

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Headquake’s 1967 Scout RC Build Video

If you have seen some of the features we have posted on Headquake’s RC vehicles you probably wonder…

1963 International Scout for Cowboys Video

The TV commercial below for the 1963 International Scout 800 boasts that the Scout can be used on the ranch as well as as going into town. Do you think the first generation International Scout was a great all purpose vehicle?

Driving The 1968 International Scout From Fast Five

I just don’t understand it. Originally, there was to be 12 International Scout 800’s in the Fast Five movie. The original intent was to have them driven by the Brazilian military. However, that idea was kiboshed by the production designer and instead the military guys were forced to drive VW Touaregs. WTF? Do they stop by Starbucks before they head out to battle? I thought the military drove real trucks! Vehciles that could take a beating and keep on going?

International Scout Off Road Race Truck Photos From The 70’s

I have always loved International Scouts. They are like the girl next door that is not as pretty or popular as the other girls, but surprises you by being just as good or better in bed than the more popular girls. The International Scout was never as popular as Jeeps or Broncos, but performed just as well on and off road as them. Frequent Off Road Action photo contributor Kevin posted some more photos on the Ultimate Class 3 Photo thread on Race Dezert. In September 1978, International Harvester sponsored the Coors Off Road Championship in Colorado, a 100-mile race held on a closed course near Indian Springs. The day before the race, the competitors were all invited to display their rigs at Colorado Springs Equipment Co. All these Scouts were on display there; one that wasn’t there was Sherman Balch’s green-and-white machine that won the race the next day.

Restored International Scout 80 For Sale

We found this 1965 International Scout 80 for sale on Bring A Trailer. Originally listed on this Salt Lake City KSL ad, the truck is in great shape for an asking price of only $9000. You really have to love the simple old trucks. What do you think?

From The Archives #30

Now isn’t this a beauty? The International Scout 800 was a great machine, but even better after modifications!

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