International Scout II

Thumbnail image for Christian’s 1975 International Scout II XLC

Christian’s 1975 International Scout II XLC

Christian Thomson (ctdaddy on Instagram) recently sent these photos and specs on…

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Headquake’s 1967 Scout RC Build Video

If you have seen some of the features we have posted on Headquake’s RC vehicles you probably wonder…

Camperized 1972 International Scout II For Sale

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Over the past few years we have posted a number of articles about camperized Bronco’s and Blazers, but only two (here and here ) about camperized Scouts. While Four Wheel Camper did make a pop top camper for the Scout, they are even rarer than the Ford and GM versions.

Vintage Monster Truck Show Videos!

I have to admit that I have not been keeping up with the vintage monster trucks coming out of the woodwork lately. Honestly, there is just to many different things to keep up with…Retro is on the rise! I know that there is a number of 80’s vintage monster trucks being rebuilt and a few newer old school style trucks coming out. Check out these videos from Monster Blog, who covered a recent old school monster truck event. Any monster truck fans want to help us keep up to date with all the vintage monster truck news? We are looking for photos, videos and photos!

International Scout Off Road Race Truck Photos From The 70’s

I have always loved International Scouts. They are like the girl next door that is not as pretty or popular as the other girls, but surprises you by being just as good or better in bed than the more popular girls. The International Scout was never as popular as Jeeps or Broncos, but performed just as well on and off road as them. Frequent Off Road Action photo contributor Kevin posted some more photos on the Ultimate Class 3 Photo thread on Race Dezert. In September 1978, International Harvester sponsored the Coors Off Road Championship in Colorado, a 100-mile race held on a closed course near Indian Springs. The day before the race, the competitors were all invited to display their rigs at Colorado Springs Equipment Co. All these Scouts were on display there; one that wasn’t there was Sherman Balch’s green-and-white machine that won the race the next day.

Awesome International Scout Model

This is pretty neat! Most of the models that we see are perfect. If they were real vehicles, they would be in a car show or museum. Chuck Most from the Off Road Models forum built this International Scout model. The rust and front end damage looks very real. Awesome job!

1974 International Scout Half Cab For Sale

1974 International Scout for sale has a somewhat rare half cab and appears to be in decent shape. Once you look past the hokey “roll bar” and the ugly flares, you see the Midas swivel seats and Rallye steering wheel.

International Scout Four Wheel Camper Update

Back in May, we featured an Internation Scout II that had a pop top Four Wheel Camper. We decided to go back to the original thread on Expedition Portal where we discovered this diamond in the rough. It turns out that the owner has made a lot of progress on both the camper and the Scout. I do have to say that I am damn impressed with how everything turned out! What do you think? Do you like the concept of a SUV with a pop top camper?

International Scout Camper?

In response to our recent articles about Ford Broncos with Four Wheel Camper poptop campers, an International Scout owner posted some questions on Expedition Portal about the Scout he recently purchased with a camper. Of course, it was not long before another member posted some great detail photos of his Scout Camper.

Four Wheel Camper Responds To Camperized Bronco Articles

Expedition Portal is one of my favourite websites. While I love off road racing, sometimes it is just nice to get into the outback and enjoy nature with friends and family. Expedition Portal is a great website that is based on a group of individuals from around the world that love to explore in their […]

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