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Thumbnail image for 1977 LEVI Jeep CJ5 For Sale

1977 LEVI Jeep CJ5 For Sale

The new Off Road Action classifieds have been up and running for a few months and is…

Thumbnail image for 1978 Jeep Expedition of the Americas Video

1978 Jeep Expedition of the Americas Video

In 1978 fourteen Americans with six Jeep’s set out to do the longest overland journey…

Thumbnail image for From The Archives #155

From The Archives #155

I “borrowed” this photo from the Brazilian vintage auto blog Antigos Verde Amarelo. From what I can tell…

Thumbnail image for 2013 Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival

2013 Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival

The 3rd annual Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival was held June 14-16, 2013. The festival is…

Thumbnail image for 1968 Rubicon Trail Video

1968 Rubicon Trail Video

This is a video from the 16th annual Jeepers Jamboree on the Rubicon from 1968. What a difference from

From The Archives #141

This is an awesome Jeep toy and figure! It is not the normal metal Jeep toy that you associate the Tonka name with, but still just as awesome. Check out the 70’s graphics and quick disconnect tires. Did it come with another set of tires?

Jeeps in Iceland!

Here is a great video of a group of Jeep owners having some fun in the snow in Iceland.  Thanks to Birgir for forwarding the link!

Yakima Jeeps – Vintage Racing Gallery

In the late 60’s Ron Day bought a beat up 1954 CJ3b Jeep which was the beginning of his love for Jeeps.  Shortly after he installed a Chevrolet 283 cubic inch engine in it, along with new tires & wheels, an overdrive transmission, locking hubs, new seats and top, and a whole bunch of other goodies […]

Great Weekend of Celebration for 60th Jeepers Jamboree

GEORGETOWN, CA AUGUST 2, 2012 – The 60th Jeepers Jamboree celebration July 26-30, 2012 on the Rubicon Springs had many high points throughout all five days on the historic trail. The Movies on the Grass, Historical talks, Diamond in the Rough wine tasting supporting the Rubicon Trail Foundation, Raffle, Vendor Show and a Flatfender Show’N’Shine […]

Autobiography of a Jeep

This is a great video found on YouTube about the history of the Jeep and how they were first used in the military.

From The Archives #131

Check out this photo I found on FC Connection. There is a ton of Jeep work units that I have never seen before. Have you seen any of these in person?

The Worlds Largest Jeep!

I recently came across a picture of this 400% scale Jeep on Facebook and had to look more into it.  This 21 foot tall monster is the creation of Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan.  Sheikh Hamad is also known as the Rainbow Sheikh because of the 7 Mercedes 500 SELs that he had ordered […]

From The Archives #129

Check out this rusting Jeep Renegade. So sad….Via Jeep Forum

Djarum Super Cigarette TV Commercials

Indonesian based Djarum is the third largest manufacture of kretek (clove cigarette). It looks like they have some pretty awesome commercials! They have some great videography of Indonesia, Chile, and the rest of the world…it makes want to go travelling! Check them out below…what do you think?

South America Off Road Racing

Actually, I do not know if the videos below are of off road racing in South America. I just saw Ecuador in there somewhere. Is your spanish better than mine? Where are these races? No matter where the location, they look like a lot of fun! They remind me of the obstacle races and wheel to wheel races that I used to attend with my parents in the 70’s and 80’s. There is no big suspension travel…just a lot of people out having fun! I see Jeeps, Toyota Land Cruisers, a 66-77 Ford Bronco and even the odd full size truck.

From The Archives #101

How about these moss covered Willys Wagon and Jeep CJ-5? Are they worth saving? As a photographer, they are a dream. As a Jeep enthusiast, it saddens me.

From The Archives #96

Best off-road vehicle I ever owned. 1956 CJ5 3spd, 134 with an oil bath air cleaner, twin stick, 5.38 axle ratio, drums all the way around, manual everything, heater and defroster were worthless, totally stock except for wheels, tires and custom roll cage.

Action, Out Of Sight: Video Produced By Jeep In The 70’s

We recently came across a little known off road racing video that was produced by Jeep in the 70’s. Action, Out Of Sight covers a variety of off road racing across the country. Everything from desert races to family play days featuring obstacle course races. Remember the powder puff races, terra tires and 3 inches of wheel travel? This video is for you! What do you think of it?

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