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Headquake’s 1960 Jeep FC170

Our next feature on Headquake’s RC creations is the 1960 Jeep FC170. Check out the photos and videos…

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1963 Willys Jeep FC-170

This beautiful 1963 Willys Jeep FC-170 was up for auction at Bring-A-Trailer. It sold for $18,000.

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San Juan Colorado Jeep Tour Photos

A few years ago we did an article about a restored Forward Control Willys Jeep truck that used…

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Jeep FC Camper

TJDIV on the Expedition Portal form posted pictures of their cool looking Jeep FC camper…

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2013 Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival

The 3rd annual Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival was held June 14-16, 2013. The festival is…

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From The Archives #147

We all know that the Jeep FC is a tough truck, but I wonder about the sanity of this load!

Vintage Colorado Jeep Tours FC Photo

Back in July of 2010, we featured an article about a restored Jeep FC that was used for Scenic Jeep Tours in Colorado back in the 60’s and 70’s. Today, I came across a vintage photo of a FC tour Jeep. Who knows, maybe this is a photo of the restored forward control Jeep that we featured?

From The Archives #131

Check out this photo I found on FC Connection. There is a ton of Jeep work units that I have never seen before. Have you seen any of these in person?

From The Archives #107

Looking for a project Jeep Forward Control truck? These Jeep FC trucks are rare to begin with and this one looks like a great candidate for a rebuild. Or at least to rob some parts from! It looks like there is some other Jeep Willys Wagons and Jeep Wagoneers sitting there as well.

Post 1955 Kiaser Jeep TV Comercial Featuring Jeep FC Forward Control Tow Truck

Talk about a classic black and white commercial! This vintage tv commercial shows why the Kiaser Jeep FC Forward Control truck is the ultimate tow truck. Check out the uniform of the Jeep tow truck operator! NOTE: If you are reading this via email or Facebook, you may have to go to the Off Road […]

1962 Willys Jeep FC 170 Dump Truck Still Working Hard Video

Here we have another video that we found on the FC Connection website. This 1962 Jeep FC170 dump truck still does daily duty pulling down trees and hauliing the logs around. Ride along as the owner topples a tree and hauls the contents to another site. What an awesome truck!

Forward Control FC 170 Jeep Snow Blower Video

I came across this video of a FC 170 forward control Jeep snowblower on the FC Connection website. I know…with winter just around the corner, we are trying not to think about snow, but damn, I would love to be out there blowing snow every day with this rig!

From The Archives #58

Here is a great shot of a Jeep Foward Control working like it was meant to! They are a good ugly!

From The Archives #47

Now how awesome is this? A Jeep FC-170 dually backhoe. Check out the Jeep with the plow in the lower left corner.

2010 FC Jeep Roundup Photos!

Recently, some photos of the 2010 FC Roundup were posted on the

Want To Explore The San Juan Mountains In An Open Top FC-170 Forward Control Jeep?

I have seen some vintage photos of the red tour FC Forward Control Jeep trucks, but I was elighted to find this article about the restoration of one. The Jeep was found in Colorado and was lovingly restored from the monster truck status you see in the photos below to a period correct San Juan Scenic Jeep Tours company vehicle. The owner finished the restoration within a week of his trip to Colorado and was able to swing by the San Juan Scenic Jeep Tours office to show off his restoration. Needless to say, everyone loved the truck! There is a lot more photos on the FC Connection website.

Howe Jeep FC Fire Trucks

Howe Fire Apparatus converted a lot of Jeep FC trucks into fire trucks in the late 50’s and early 60’s. The Anderson, Indiana company was known across the nation as one of the top builders of fire trucks. The photo above shows an unique Jeep FC-150. Notice that the two large reels are connected to a number of small carbon diorxide tanks.

More Jeep Firetrucks

After posting the article about Willys and Jeep Firetrucks, I did some looking around for more photos. Enjoy!

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