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The New Off Road Action User Forum

When I took over the Off Road Action website in 2012 I had many ideas I waned to…

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1968 Jeep Gladiator Kaiser J2000

1968 Jeep Gladiator Kaiser J2000. This 1968 Jeep Gladiator recently sold in San Marcos, CA for $15,000 on…

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San Juan Colorado Jeep Tour Photos

A few years ago we did an article about a restored Forward Control Willys Jeep truck that used…

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2013 Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival

The 3rd annual Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival was held June 14-16, 2013. The festival is…

Have You Ever Seen A Crew Cab Jeep Truck?

I am sure these Jeep J series and Comanche pickups are custom creations, but it makes you wonder about crew cab Jeep trucks. Why was one never offered from the factory. There was a few Forward Control FC crew cab trucks in the 60’s, but nothing in fullsize trucks. Do you have photos of any other crewcab Jeep trucks?

1979 Jeep Honcho Truck TV Commercial

What is better? A Jeep Honcho truck or a tank? Check out this Jeep tv commercial from 1979. Do you agree with the announcer?

From The Archives #91

This 1957 Jeep Gladiator Fire Truck is one of my favourites. I have actually never seen one in person. Have you?

From The Archives #72

What a great vintage shot of a Jeep truck and Red Dale camper!

Vintage Barn Find 1966 Jeep J3000 Truck With Alaskan Camper

Imagine surfing through Craigslist and coming across a 1966 Jeep J3000 truck with an Alaskan camper. Of course, there is no photo. A quick phone call and the owner states that although it has 137,000 miles, it is pretty clean and in good shape overall. You know, the standard little old lady drove it only on Sundays story. So you decide to take a look and find a barn find Jeep truck and camper with only 13,500 miles! The seats, dash and pedals are all in great shape! F3X from Expedition Portal is one lucky SOB. This is exactly what happened to him. He has replaced the plug wires, battery and rebuilt the carb and plans to slowly fix the old girl up. Lets just say that I am very jelous of him!

The Best Buy For 73: Vintage 1973 Jeep J2000 Truck Dealer Commercial

The best buy for 73 and the toughest four letter word: Jeep. Here we have a great 1973 AMC Jeep J2000 truck dealer commercial that outlines all the options and important information about the truck. It is definatly worth watching the whole video!

Vintage Jeep Honcho Off Road Race Truck Photos

Jeep trucks have always been one of my favourites, especially the desert racing Jeep Honcho’s! I remember reading the off road magazines when I was a kid and daydreaming about Roger Mears red Budweiser sponsored Jeep race truck. Thanks to the members of Race Dezert for posting these photos up!

1980 Jeep J10 Truck For Sale

hd1936knuck from the International Full Size Jeep Association has a 1980 J10 Laredo truck for sale. The 360 V8 runs good, but the 727 lockup transmission leaks, but he has the original non lock up transmission to go with it but it needs a rebuild. Of course, it still has the infamous Quadra Trac tranfer case. The body is good appears to be in good shape. I love the nostalgic windows in the canopy! He is asking $2250 and it is located in Douglasville, Ga.

Have You Ever Seen A Tandem Axle Jeep Fire Truck?

This is one of three Jeep J20 6X6 Angloco Rescue Tenders in use with the East Sussex Fire Brigade from 1983/84 and was located at the fire station in Hastings

Crewcab Jeep Trucks?

Have you ever seen a crewcab Jeep pickup? Here is some great examples of some custom conversions. I assume that they are using Wagoneer rear doors. Does anyone have more information or photos of these?

From The Archives #35

Here is an interesting old Jeep Gladiator truck.

International Full Size Jeep Association

Although I have not mentioned them until now, I have known for years that the International Full Size Jeep Association is one of the best sources of information for the Jeep truck, Cherokee and Wagoneer.

Jeep Truck Photos From The 70’s

A while ago, I came across some old Jeep CJ-5 race photos from the early 70’s on Flickr. I contacted the owner of the photos and asked for permission to use the photos in an article. Tom said go for it, but in the mean time I am going to show you some 70’s photos […]

Old Riverside Off Road Race Photos!

The short course races in the 70’s and 80’s at Riverside Raceway is one of the big races that I really wish I was able to watch. Some of the best off road racing action of the era! Here is a few photos for you that I found on

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