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Every once in a while I come across an informative and interesting website that I like to tell you about. Jeep is one of them. The site is full of information and photos about Jeep Trucks, from the Willys right up to the last full size and Comanche trucks.

From The Archives #15

I have always loved the Jeep pickups. I had this photo sitting around in my archives and came across it the other day.

1975-1976 Jeep Lineup

You may recall our previous articles on the 1959-61 and 1965 Jeep lineups at . Now we are going to look at the 1975-1976 Jeep vehicles. By far the biggest change was the introduction of the CJ-7 in 1976, which had a 20″ longer wheelbase than the CJ-5. This allowed for a better ride, […]

Randall Racing Jeep J-10 Desert Racing Truck

The Randall family has been racing Jeeps in the desert long than I have been alive. Now the 2nd (or is it 3rd?) generation is racing a Jeep J10. Talk about old school! I love it…the red Jeep pickup reminds me of the old Roger Mears and John Dyck Jeep Honchos from the 80’s. You […]

Jeep for 1965: Gladiator, Universal, Wagoneer, CJ and DJ

A while ago, we covered an article that the guys at All-Par wrote about the 1959-1961 Jeep model line. Here is their coverage of the 1965 models. They cover all aspects of the Jeep brand, which was owned by Kaiser at the time. The univeral models, CJ-5 and CJ-6 were available with the high end […]

1959-1961 Jeep History

The folks over at All Par have an interesting article on the 1959-1961 Jeep lineup.

Jeep History On We Be Jeepin

The folks over at We Be Jeepin have put together a great article about the history of the Jeep. (link / web site no longer active) With pages about military, civilian, wagons and pickups, they cover everything. It is definatly worth the read.

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