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Thumbnail image for 1967 Land Rover Series IIa 109 NADA Wagon

1967 Land Rover Series IIa 109 NADA Wagon

This rare 1967 Land Rover Series IIa 109 NADA wagon is for sale in Colorado on Craigslist for $18,900…

Thumbnail image for Headquake’s Series III Land Rover

Headquake’s Series III Land Rover

Our next feature on Headquake’s RC creations is the Series III Land Rover. Details about the…

Thumbnail image for From The Archives #173

From The Archives #173

I have seen the lift truck before, but never the rubbish truck in the foreground. Land Rover…

Thumbnail image for 1981 Land Rover Santana Series III Ligero

1981 Land Rover Santana Series III Ligero

This 1981 Land Rover is for sale in Alabama for $24,000. They say it had a full body…

Thumbnail image for Tank Track Land Rovers

Tank Track Land Rovers

Have you ever wanted a tank and a Land Rover? If the answer is yes then something like one of…

Thumbnail image for SoCal Vintage Land Rover

SoCal Vintage Land Rover

Vintage Land Rovers are always an eye catcher. Here are more photos of the Land Rover that was…

Land Rover Dormobile Camper Conversion

I love this Land Rover Camper conversion. Regular readers will recall our articles about Bronco’s and Blazers with pop top campers, but this is our first photo of a Land Rover. The photo above is of a Dormobiles conversion designed by the Martin Walter Company of Folkestone, Kent, England. Most were built from 1958 through the early mid 1970’s.

Videos Of Land Rover Crossing Central Australia In 1952

Land Rover in Australia Centralian Journey 1952 Part 1:   Land Rover in Australia Centralian Journey 1952 Part 2:  

LEGO Land Rover Defender 110

We recently came across this video of a Land Rover Defender 110 built out of LEGO’s by Fernando in Spain. There is to much to describe so watch the video and see how amazing it is. You can also see more of Fernando’s LEGO creations at

1955 Land Rover Series I

Looking for a rare Land Rover to build? Check out this 1955 Land Rover Series I listed on Craigslist for $1200. It’s located in Fort Worth Texas. The seller says he will pull the ad when it’s sold so hurry if you are interested!

From The Archives #128

Check out this vintage Land Rover photo! Do not ask how I got there to begin with, but I found this photo at That Kind Of Woman

Vintage 1955 England To Singapore Via Land Rover Videos

Image courtesy of Land Rover Series One Club We have not done some vintage expedition travel articles for a while, like the trip in a Land Rover from England to Africa in 1953. Well, we have another great Land Rover based expedition. In this case, the Oxford and Cambridge Far Eastern Expedition in 1955 was […]

Vintage Land Rover Fire Truck

This 1974 Land Rover TACR-1 fire truck is owned by Paul Hazell from Britain. I love it!

From The Archives #38

This is a great classic Land Rover photo! When you think of Land Rover, you automaticly think of jungle or desert. Awesome photo!

From The Archives #37

Here is a poor old Land Rover sitting in the mountains of Malaysia.

London To Singapore Via Land Rover

Kind of the opposite of our article last week about the Singpore To UK In A Willys , we now have some videos about a group of two Land Rovers travelling from London to Singapore.

Land Rover Tow Truck!

I am not sure if this RHD Land Rover has been restored or not, but what a beauty! Look at the hand crank for the front winch!

The Great 1953 Trek

Lately we have featured some interesting overland travel articles such as Shank Family trips across the southwestern deserts in their Willys and teardrop trailer and the Willys trip from Brazil to Alaska. Now we have an even more unbelievable trip from 1953. Check out the extremely well documented trip from England to Rhodesia in Africa. […]

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