Mitsubishi PX33 – The First 4wd Off Road Vehicle?

Last year we posted about the GAZ-M-20 prototype which could be the worlds first SUV. ┬áRecently during some more searching I came accross the Mitsubishi PX33 which is the first Japanese built sedan to have full time four-wheel drive. ┬áThis prototype built in 1933 was commissioned by the Japanese government in 1934 for military use. […]

4 Door Mitsubishi Built Willys Jeep Wagons?

Last week we showed you some photos of 4 door Willys Jeep wagons. This week, Willys Country brings us some photos of Mitsubishi built 4 door Willys Jeep wagons. These were manufactured from the 1950’s through to 1988. At a quick glance, they may appear to look like their American counterparts, they are very different. Probably the largest difference is that they were actually built on a CJ-3B chassis so they are a lot narrower than your normal Willys wagon. they also used a CJ-3B grille. Notice the hood height difference compared to the regular version. As for other body modifications, they used panel style rear doors and the rear side glass radius, which allows for more glass area. Most of them used a diesel engine and some used Dana 30 front ends with a Dana 44 in the rear. Lets not forget the right hand drive!

1979 J54 Mitsubishi Diesel Willys Style Jeep For Sale

I have to admit that I love the Mitsubishi built Willys Jeeps. I would love to pick up a diesel J54, something like this one we featured back in March. The Mitsubishi Jeeps were built from 1953 through to 1998. They had the look of the Willys CJ3B, but with some unique features like diesel power and right hand drive. Of course, one has come up for sale, but the timing is all wrong for me to purchase it. Hopefully one of our readers can pick it up and get us some more photos and information. The owner mentions a 3.0 litre, but from my research, it should be a 2.7L. I love the defrost tubes going up to the windshield. It comes with american paperwork as well as registration and import papers from Japan.

1992 Paris Dakar Mitsubishi Pajero Model

Looking at these photos , you would swear that this custom model is the real thing! Talk about detail! Perfect weathering, scratches, dirt, mud…it is a perfect copy of the read full size race truck. Wow!

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