Thumbnail image for Headquake’s 1957 Ford Pickup

Headquake’s 1957 Ford Pickup

This 1957 Ford Pickup is another one of Headquake’s hand made RC creations. Check out…

Thumbnail image for Headquake’s 1967 Jeep Willys Rural RC

Headquake’s 1967 Jeep Willys Rural RC

This 1967 Willys Rural is another one of Headquake’s amazing RC car creations. If you haven’t…

Thumbnail image for Headquake’s Toyota Toyopet Stout RC

Headquake’s Toyota Toyopet Stout RC

Last month we featured one of Headquake’s amazing RC creations (1966 Bronco). Another one of…

Thumbnail image for Headquake’s RC 1966 Ford Bronco

Headquake’s RC 1966 Ford Bronco

I came across Headquake’s Facebook page last year and was amazed by the photos of his RC…

Thumbnail image for Toyota Hilux with SCX10 chassis

Toyota Hilux with SCX10 chassis

DELUXrc recently sent us a link to his Facebook page full of his RC photos. This is the first…

Swamp Buggy “Gator Country” Willys Jeep Model

Have you ever seen the Swamp Buggy “Gator Country” Willys Jeep model by Craft Master? According to Old Plastic Models, the model came as both a stock and the modified “Gator Country” version. Stock engine, body, interior panels and tires were supplied as were the custom “aftermarket” parts. I tried googling Craft Master and Gator Country Willys Jeep with no luck.

Old School 4×4 Van Model

Off Road Action Reader Russell Cook sent us a link of a custom 1:25 scale Ford Quadravan 4wd van model. The builder did a great job of keeping the vintage 70’s look. You have to love the blue shag carpet and wood paneling! Thanks for the email Russell!

Awesome Chevrolet Luv 4×4 Model

When was the last time you saw a Chevrolet Luv? How about a 4×4 version? They are pretty rare these days, so if you want to build one, your best bet may be to build a plastic model version like ddlova from the Off Road Model forum did! I love the classic vintage look! What do you think?

Awesome International Scout Model

This is pretty neat! Most of the models that we see are perfect. If they were real vehicles, they would be in a car show or museum. Chuck Most from the Off Road Models forum built this International Scout model. The rust and front end damage looks very real. Awesome job!

Great Model Chevrolet Blazer!

Remember when you built plastic models when you were a kid? I was never good at it, but I tried again a few years ago and built a nice custom Grand Cherokee that matched my 1:1 version. However, it was never as good as some of the ones at

Fall Guy GMC Truck Model

Remember the Fall Guy from the 80’s? I loved that GMC truck! Jumping over fences, crashing through gates! With the MPC model, you could build your own Lee Majors Fall Guy Truck!

1992 Paris Dakar Mitsubishi Pajero Model

Looking at these photos , you would swear that this custom model is the real thing! Talk about detail! Perfect weathering, scratches, dirt, mud…it is a perfect copy of the read full size race truck. Wow!

Awesome Datsun Model!

Now this is too neat! Does anyone have any information about this model? Feel free to post it in comments or email me.

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