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Do You Remember The TNT Stomper Bully?

Do you remember the Stomper Bully? Does anyone have more photos or information?

More Vintage Awesome Kong Monster Truck Photos

The “Kong” series of monster trucks were some of the most popular in the 80’s and early 90’s. It started with the original King Kong, followed by V12 airplane engine powered Awesome Kong and a few other varieties of Awesome Kong. Check out the photos below.

Even More Vintage Monster Truck Photos!

Flickr user acdude007 has some incredible vintage monster truck photos from the 80s! There is some never seen before photos that monster truck fans will love!

More Awesome Kong Monster Truck Photos!

Last year we featured a photo of the Awesome Kong monster truck, which was the first rear engine monster truck. From the photo above, it looks like there was a little too much weight towards the rear! Via…

Vintage Monster Truck Show Videos!

I have to admit that I have not been keeping up with the vintage monster trucks coming out of the woodwork lately. Honestly, there is just to many different things to keep up with…Retro is on the rise! I know that there is a number of 80’s vintage monster trucks being rebuilt and a few newer old school style trucks coming out. Check out these videos from Monster Blog, who covered a recent old school monster truck event. Any monster truck fans want to help us keep up to date with all the vintage monster truck news? We are looking for photos, videos and photos!

Vintage Monster Truck Pulling Video From 1987

Do you remember the old days of monster trucks? Check out the video below of monster trucks pulling the tractor pull sled at an event in 1987 in Canada. Check out as Lon Ranger, Michigan Ice Monster, Nitemare 2, Goliath and Stroh’s Strider hook up to the sled.

More Vintage Virginia Beach Giant Monster Tank Videos

Last year we featured some vintage videos of the Virginia Beach Beast tank monster truck. Today, we have some more posted below. Make sure to follow their Facebook page as they restore the monster truck tank.

From The Archives #80

King Kong was one of the original monster trucks, possibly the first. This photo of King Kong is pretty rare. Do you have any vintage photos of King Kong?

Do You Remember This Bronco Monster Truck?

Do you remember this Bronco monster truck? Can you imagine how badly the ride was? An early Ford Bronco with old school suspension bounces a lot, but I cannot imagine badly this monster truck bounced all over the place! Still, it is an awesome old school monster truck!

From The Archives #64

Here is a shot with Bigfoot 1 playing in the Michigan sand dunes. I guess it is in the early 80’s. Anyone have any information?

Storm Warning Monster Truck Photos & Information

Last month, we posted an article asking for information on the Storm Warning monster truck. Ron Bulson, owner and builder of Storm Warning, contacted us with some information and photos of the truck in its prime.

This is my second truck. The first was called Instigator a 1979 Ford Bronco. We started building Storm Warning in 1991. I ran the truck until 1996. I sold it to John Seasock in 1996 an he renamed it Sudden Impact. I mostly ran on the east coast an Canada. The truck was a tubular frame with extra long leaf springs with four shocks on each side. Rockwell 106 axles with 20 ton planetary knuckles with disc brakes. Front and rear steer, Goodyear 66 inch tires. The engine was a 1971 429 cobra jet bored and stroked to a 514. Tunnel ram with two predator carburetors back by a C6 transmission to a profab transfer case. A 1992 fiberglass body. The truck worked real well. The truck landed with no bounce and was quick because of it light weight. I’ll get some more picture to you soon.

Awesome Vintage Krimson Krusher Monster Truck Photo

Back in March, we did an article about what happened to the Krimson Krusher monster truck. Today, we have an awesome photo of the Krimson Krusher in action. Do you have any vintage monster truck photos that you would like to contribute?

Storm Warning Monster Truck?

How many of you have heard of the Storm Warning monster truck? Do you have more photos or some information about the truck?

Have You Ever Heard Of The Star Monster Truck?

I recently came across this photo of the Star Monster, which I have never heard of. How about you? Have you ever heard of the Star Monster truck? Does anyone have more photos? This photo screams 80’s monster truck!

Playin For Keeps Monster Truck

Do you have information about the Playin For Keeps monster truck? I have heard the name before, but cannot remember who owned it or when it was run. Do you have more photos?

Instigator Monster Truck

Check out this old photo of the Instigator monster truck. I love the coil springs in addition to the leaf spring suspension. Due to the steel body, suspension design and centre mount seat and rollcage design, I am guessing that this photo is from the early 90’s. What do you think? Do you have more photos of the Instigator monster truck?

Southern Sunshine Monster Truck Rises Again

After been stored for 15 years, Southern Sunshine will be shining again! A lifetime dream was cut short when Mart Williams, age 26, died of an accidental drowning in Prien Lake on Thursday, June 5, 1986. Mart’s dream was most vividly expressed in “Southern Sunshine”, a four-wheel drive Chevy Monster Truck, which he built, operated and displayed to thousands of truck fans throughout the country. Ironically, on the day of Mart’s death, he received a letter from New York City recognizing “Southern Sunshine” as one of the top ten Monster Trucks in the world. But, the meaning of “Southern Sunshine” is more than just the truck that Mart built. It stands for Mart’s devotion to bringing happiness to others through recreation. Mart constantly reminded us of the need to balance our lives with a proper mix of work and recreation.

Spare Time Ford Ranger Monster Truck Found!

Last week we posted an article asking where the Spare Time Ford Ranger monster truck went to. We found our answer in this thread on Monster Mayhem. The truck, along with a bunch of other vintage monster trucks are all sitting outside of the Madrid Restaurant in Velle de Quebec. It is sad to see them rusting away…they deserve to be restored and lovingly cared for as they are a piece of history. However, it sounds like the owner has no interest in restoring or selling them.

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