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Vintage Rides of KOH 2014 Part 2

This is part 2 of our 2014 King of the Hammers vintage rides photo gallery…

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Vintage Rides of KOH 2014 Part 1

While shooting the 2014 King of the Hammers I came across plenty of vintage rides to show…

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2014 King of the Hammers

King of the Hammers is one of those events that is truly a sight you must see for yourself…

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2014 King Of The Hammers Live Coverage

The 2014 King of the Hammers is here! The week long event kicked off yesterday…

2013 King of the Hammers Race Videos

The 2013 King of the Hammers is over, but you can watch all of the live recordings right here from the entire day of racing.

South America Off Road Racing

Actually, I do not know if the videos below are of off road racing in South America. I just saw Ecuador in there somewhere. Is your spanish better than mine? Where are these races? No matter where the location, they look like a lot of fun! They remind me of the obstacle races and wheel to wheel races that I used to attend with my parents in the 70′s and 80′s. There is no big suspension travel…just a lot of people out having fun! I see Jeeps, Toyota Land Cruisers, a 66-77 Ford Bronco and even the odd full size truck.

From The Archives #82

A flatfender Willys Jeep, Desert Dog tires and some mud…what an awesome photo! This was shot sometime in the mid 90′s in Lisbon, OH.

Dirt: The Off Road Movie

For years, I had heard about Dirt: The Movie, but had never seen it. Now, we have the ablility to view the whole movie on You Tube. Follow Clarke Gordon as he travels across the states to learn more about this thing called off roading. Desert racing, sand drags, swamp buggies, hill climbs, Pikes Peak…this video has it all! It is a great collection of vintage off road racing!

70′s Pacific Northwest 4×4 Rally Memories

Dave from Ewillys.com always has some great articles, but he has outdone himself with his new article about Pacific Northwest off road races and playdays from the 70′s really hit home for me. I grew up attending the same events in British Columbia and Washington with my family in the 70′s and early 80′s. Of course, the obstacle course and sand drags were popular, but some of the most loved events were things like the potato stab, blindfold driver race, and the backwards race. One of my favourite stories is when my parents were at a playday Calgary, Alberta. One of the events was where the co-driver would hold a bowl full of water while the driver tried to navigate the off road course as fast as possible. The team with the most amount of water left in the bowl was the winner. My parents were making great time until they came to a rough section. For some reason, my Dad forgot to lock in the hubs and they were stuck with only the rear tires spinning. My mother proceeded to dump the bowl of water on over my Dad’s head. Of course, the local city news was there to capture the moment and it was blasted over the local news for a few days. Do they still hold events like this in your area? What were some of your favourite events?

4 Fun 4 Wheelers Old Photos!

Check out the Blast From The Past Photos on the 4 Fun 4 Wheelers page! There is some great old school photos of sand drags, obstacle racing and good times! Gotta love all the terra tires!

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