Sand Drag

Dirt: The Off Road Movie

For years, I had heard about Dirt: The Movie, but had never seen it. Now, we have the ablility to view the whole movie on You Tube. Follow Clarke Gordon as he travels across the states to learn more about this thing called off roading. Desert racing, sand drags, swamp buggies, hill climbs, Pikes Peak…this video has it all! It is a great collection of vintage off road racing!

Vintage Sand Drag Ford Bronco Being Restored!

Classic member My69Pony has posted some vintage photos of the off road race Bronco that his dad used to race in the 70’s and 80’s. He will be starting to restore the early Ford Bronco in the next few months. Of course, we are super excited to follow along on the progress as well as see vintage off road racing photos! The race Bronco was originally owned by Charlie Erickson from California. My69Pony’s father brought the Bronco north to Wyoming in 1970 and the rest is history!

Vintage BC Sand Drag Photos

Reader Steve Payne sent in some old photos of BC sand drags. These photos, from the early 80’s, showcase some of the awesome sand drag race vehicles from that era.

Classic Race Broncos!

I was looking for some photos of 66-77 Ford Bronco race vehicles, so I started a thread on Classic Broncos and one at Sand Drag Central. The response was great and there was some awesome photos of desert racing, sand drag, tough truck and more! <

4 Fun 4 Wheelers Old Photos!

Check out the Blast From The Past Photos on the 4 Fun 4 Wheelers page! There is some great old school photos of sand drags, obstacle racing and good times! Gotta love all the terra tires!

NEORVCA 80’s Sand Drag Photos

It has been a while since we have talked about sand drags. Here is some photos that I found on this thread on Sand Drag Central .

90’s North East Sand Drags

Once again, Sand Drag Central has a great post with some photos of 90’s North East sand drag action. There is a lot more photos on their site!

90’s Gravelrama Photos

Once again, there is a great thread over at the Sand Drag Central forum with pictures from some of the 90’s Gravelrama races. This is one race that I have always wanted to attend!

1993 Gravelrama Photos

Here is some photos from the 1993 Gravelrama as posted on the Sand Drag Central message board. It is funny that sand drag race vehicles have not really changed their appearance from the early 80’s up to today.

Wild Dual Paddle Tire Supercharged Sand Drag Willys!

Sand Drag Central is probably the best sand drag website on the east coast. They have some great photos of current and “old school” races, like the thread involving this Jeep from the 80’s. Imagine what a ride this would be! Huge horsepower blown engine, short wheelbase, incredible hookup with the dual paddles and a […]

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