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From The Archives #183

A model poses for a photo in the Kaiser Willys exhibit at the 1954 Chicago Auto Show…

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The Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition

The Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition was conceived of in the early 1950s and…

From The Archives #70

Here is a great vintage photo of a Willys Jeep with a snowplow. Does anyone have more information about it?

Forward Control FC 170 Jeep Snow Blower Video

I came across this video of a FC 170 forward control Jeep snowblower on the FC Connection website. I know…with winter just around the corner, we are trying not to think about snow, but damn, I would love to be out there blowing snow every day with this rig!

From The Archives #46

I have no information on this Willys Jeep, but it looks like an awesome snowplow machine!

From The Archives #40

John Rugge wants the world to see his dad’s ’45 MB, which was purchased right after the end of World War II. The photo, circa 1950-something, was taken at the Jeep’s residence in Vermont, where it served plow duty in the winter and log-hauling detail in the summer. It was finally sold in the late […]

Armstead Snow Motors Concept Machine

Armstead Snow Motors from Seeking Michigan on Vimeo. Reader Henri Raab sent this video in. According to the

CJ-5 On Tracks!

You have to check out this old photo I came across on Tom’s Flickr Page. Being that it has the blade on the front, I wonder if it was used for snow? also check out the old Warn 8274 winch on the flatdeck.

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