Toyota 4Runner 85-88

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1987 Toyota 4Runner SR5

This great looking 1987 Toyota 4Runner has only 58k miles with original paint and interior…

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How To Keep Your Toyota Pickup Alive

This is an interesting vintage Toyota repair manual called How to keep your Toyota Pickup alive…

Matchbox Releases 1st Generation Toyota 4Runner Toy

Matchbox recently suprised us by releasing a 1st generation Toyota 4Runner to it’s lineup. The new 4Runner toy is a great copy of the 1985-1989 Toyota 4Runner. The toy colors and striping are very close to those of the original and the tires are proportional to the vehicle size, unlike the Matchbox size toys with monster truck tires. However, the chrome interior leaves a little to be desired. What do you think? Would you pick one up if you saw it at the local store?

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